EU cat fight over budget: How to spend more with less…much less after Brexit.

EU cat fight over budget:  How to spend more with less…much less after Brexit.

EU cat fight over budget: How to spend more with less…much less after Brexit.

As far as Verhofstadt’s and Weber’s “own EU funding” scheme…one does not dare to let this “evil genie” out of the bottle.

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU has left a huge €75bn hole in the bloc’s budget for the next seven years, 2021 to 2027. “And now we are fighting like ferrets in a sack,” said one EU diplomat with a sigh.

* An interesting debate, but a new proposal for the EU’s “own funding” would set a dangerous precedent for the future. Is it really a smart idea for Brussels to be able to generate ‘its own’ new revenues (taxes above the funding received from member states) to expand its scope and powers?

🙌👊 No way, one does not dare to let this “evil genie” out of the bottle. The Eurocrats and establishment leaders (EPP, Socialists, Renew Europe, Greens) would have no limits and this would be another step towards EU federalism.

This “own funding” scheme (Guy Verhofstadt and Manfred Weber are salivating over the idea 🤤) should be a huge concern for those alarmed about the unlimited growth of the EU.

Obviously, this new revenue would have to raised via new taxes, but once Brussels discovers new avenues for funding, unelected Eurocrats, with an insatiable thirst for more power, will not stop, and the desire to keep raising more tax revenues to spend on EU pet projects will keep growing.

Brussels will never be satisfied and will keep seeking more as this revenue enables it to expand its powers and scope in its drive to federalize the EU one step at a time. Inevitably, it will create more dependency on Brussels.

At least in today’s debate, the EU’s desire to spend is somewhat checked by the nation states. Opening up new sources of funding for Brussels with little accountability is a recipe for disaster.

– The Guardian writes that “budget discussions in Brussels are always rancorous affairs. But this one is of a different order: everyone will have to pay more…but no one wants to.”

Wait a second here…why does any member state have to pay more? Why is this a given, especially for those who desire “less EU” and more sovereignty for the nation states. More money equals more power, which eventually means more control. Where are the “Friends of the Nation State”?

We understand the debate between “the Frugals” (the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark) and the “Friends of Cohesion” (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Portugal and Greece). We get it…and this debate needs to happen.

Both have points and will make their arguments (although no funding should be tied to the silly and arbitrary rule of law, which is used as a political weapon often to punish those who value their independence and integrity to make their own decisions), but maybe a good starting point is to live on less (with the UK gone, the EU is much smaller in terms of economics) by focusing the debate on keeping the funding deemed of value and of importance, while eliminating or reducing unnecessary programs better left to the states.

As tempting as it may be, one concerned about the EU expanding its powers and scope should also be very leery of increasing its budget. Money, power and control all feed off one another.

** The worst possible outcome – beyond the debate over member contributions – would be to enable Brussels to create their “own funding” in the future. One doesn’t want to let this evil genie out of the bottle.

*** We are also shocked at the EPP Group’s Twitter account and its huge promotion of more EU spending in every aspect of one’s life….this is not a centre-right group, not even close, but an organization pushing EU federalism and to increase their own personal influence. Manfred Weber is a fraud in every aspect…but the V4 Report sensed this years ago.