EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker attacks British media, says ‘press freedom has limits’.

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker attacks British media, says ‘press freedom has limits’.

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker attacks British media, says ‘press freedom has limits’.

“They do not respect the human rights of political actors at all. I will not miss it,” Juncker told Austrian journalists.

Respect is not automatic; one has to earn it by actions. We fail to see why Brussels should be respected. Their actions have been deplorable over the last three years.

Certainly, the smugglers, NGOs, leaders of Africa and the migrants themselves, who walk all over Brussels, do not respect the EU. Why should Europe?

Juncker then claimed that the EU could have swung the Brexit referendum in favour of Remain if David Cameron had not prevented it from intervening in the 2016 campaign over membership.

Obviously, Juncker still cannot grasp reality. EU “intervention” into the affairs of the nation states was one of the main reasons Britain voted to leave. We highly doubt Britain would have been swayed by “more EU”.

Juncker’s ramblings drew derision from Brexiteer MPs.

Former minister Frank Field said: “There is no delusion that does not have an attraction for that man. I’m sure it would have been a more decisive Leave vote if he had intervened.”

Tory MP Sir Bill Cash said: “He’s completely off the wall. It would have contravened electoral law.

“Quite frankly, he’s talking through his hat.”

Even the far-left extremist – Greek former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis – blasted Juncker. Varoufakis tweeted: “The one clever thing Cameron did was to ban Juncker from campaigning for Remain. (Had he campaigned, Brexit would have won 80% of the vote.)”

* While it will be nice to see Juncker exit, we are not optimistic that his replacement will be any better.

Angela Merkel’s ally in Brussels, EPP leader Manfred Weber, looks like the early favorite to replace Juncker.

Weber is another EU opportunist seeking to increase his own power by expanding the size and scope of Brussels. Like most German Eurocrats, Weber believes in “more EU”, is hostile towards Poland and voted to punish Hungary during the Article7 witch-hunt.

Despite his slick rhetoric, Weber is no ally of the European nation states and will push Germany’s agenda in Brussels.

We feel it’s best to weaken Weber and his (and Merkel’s) EPP Party in order to allow an authentic movement from the right to emerge in the EU…a new coalition led by Orban, Salvini and Visegrad.

The status quo is not working and Europe deserves better than empty EU slogans slung by political charlatans who wish to commit Europe to mass migration and “more EU”.…/jean-claude-juncker-press-f…