EU clowns

EU clowns

EU Clowns.

While Ursula, Weber, Metsola, and Verhofstadt were immersed in their usual cheap self-promotion, the EU had wrongly assumed that several vaccines would be ready at once and therefore spread its orders.

What a disaster!

EU is bottom-shelf from head to toe. What an embarrassment; it’s like a high school drama all the time. The Commission was so desperate for an “EU approach” to the distribution of the vaccine and to discredit the nation-states that they got themselves in over their heads.

And Verhofstadt wants an EU army? They will shoot their eyes out!

The Commission (we said this before the vaccine debacle and immediately after the coronation of von der Leyen) represents all that is wrong with Brussels. It attracts unqualified, untalented political charlatans (like Jourova and Timmermans) looking to feed off the system and easy life in Brussels.

They are obsessed with gender quotas and who knows what else. All seem dedicated to Soros, unlimited genders, and cultural Marxism.

Time for the V4, Baltics, Croatia, Slovenia, northern Italy, and Bulgaria to break free from these freaks. Just embarrassing to even belong to such a bloc.