EU Commission: ‘Urgent’ That Italy Reopen Ports, EU Share Migrants Across Bloc.

EU Commission: ‘Urgent’ That Italy Reopen Ports, EU Share Migrants Across Bloc.

EU Commission: ‘Urgent’ That Italy Reopen Ports, EU Share Migrants Across Bloc.

Matteo Salvini is resisting but he must receive broad support to defy Brussels. If Sebastian Kurz 🇦🇹, Andrej Babis 🇨🇿 and others are sincere about defending Europe from the tsunami of mass migration, they must unconditionally support Salvini’s efforts to keep the ports closed in Italy.

This is where one separates the ‘men of action’ from the ‘pretenders’.

How can Babis of the Czech Republic be trusted on migration while aligned with Guy Verhofstadt at ALDE? Has Babis seen how Verhofstadt has smeared Salvini regarding migration?

– According to Breitbart, reopening Italian ports to NGO boats has “become urgent” amid fighting in Libya, the European Commission has said, declaring a common EU asylum policy “essential” for sharing future migrants out across the bloc.

Paraskevi Michou, of the EU Commission’s Director-General for Migration and Home Affairs, told Italy that completing talks on a temporary landings agreement “has now become urgent” due to “the situation in Libya”, where a civil war is burgeoning.

In a letter to Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi, Brussels said the development of a common EU asylum system “remains vital” for enabling future mass movements of people from the third world to be shared out between member states.

Reform of the Dublin Regulation “remains a priority” along with developing a “solidarity mechanism” with which to distribute illegal immigrants who manage to make it to EU shores, the Commission said, adding that full cooperation of EU member states would be required, reports ANSA.

* Has the EU Commission thought of the most efficient and common sense “solidarity mechanism”, which is to deny entry coupled with a permanent mechanism to deport the illegal migrants already here outside of Europe?

Probably not. The long-term agenda of Dimitris Avramopoulos and the EU Commission is to commit Europe to mass migration.

The elections this month are vital. It is clear where the Eurocrats, Greens, Socialists, ALDE liberals and EU establishment stands. They want more migration.

It’s up to the New Right and the mainstream across Europe to stop them cold.