EU Commissioners and Interior Ministers discuss the repatriation of migrants

EU Commissioners and Interior Ministers discuss the repatriation of migrants

Group Futility: EU Commissioners and Interior Ministers gather again regarding the inability (I.e., unwillingness to take tough but necessary steps) to deport illegals out of Europe.

For years, EU countries have been unable to send illegals home.

In 2018, the EU Commission set a target for 2020 that 70 percent of the illegals who have to leave the EU will actually leave the EU. The target was pure fluff; they failed because they never actually tried.

In 2019, the number was only 29 percent; further, this number includes deportations inside Europe (non-EU) and it masks a much bigger problem of the lack of any meaningful deportations back to Africa or the Middle East.

In addition, the number of illegals “tolerated” is not shown. In Germany, for instance, 200,000 of the nearly 250,000 illegals told to leave the country at the end of 2019 were tolerated. They are still here.

Do they need another six years to talk about deportations out of Europe without taking action?

Nothing of substance emerged from this summit. One senses that they are putting on another show in order to try to convince nation-states to ratify a very flawed EU migration pact first…one that commits the EU to endless and regular mass migration.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson (Sweden) urged EU countries to agree with the EU Commission on a limited number of third countries with urgent negotiations. “The EU does not intend to impose visa restrictions. The EU plans to improve cooperation on readmission.”

Whatever Ylva, keep wasting time on “cooperation” with foreign leaders who don’t want their citizens back…that approach has worked very well since 2015. 😉🤨

The EU could learn one thing from Erdogan: Try sending them back without giving the countries of origin a choice. Erdogan has no problem sending France its home-brown Jihadists. He says they are French citizens and it is up to France to choose how to deal with them once they are sent back.

This sounds logical…which is why the EU will not do it; they must prefer the alternative. 😒