EU Core and the blowback of Open Borders. ISIS terrorists have possession of over 11,000 blank Syrian passports.

EU Core and the blowback of Open Borders. ISIS terrorists have possession of over 11,000 blank Syrian passports.

* EU Core and the blowback of Open Borders. ISIS terrorists have possession of over 11,000 blank Syrian passports that could be used to provide fake identities, reports the German federal police.

** We are not sure what else they would be used for? Nor can we accept or comprehend Angela Merkel’s and the EU Core’s thoughtless decision to grant entry to migrants “without any identification at all”. In fact, it may be easier for a terrorist to slip by the authorities without any identification.

*** This is one example of the many reasons why the external border must be sealed and the migrants processed outside of the EU. Relocation was a colossal failure and allowed unknown, aggressive male migrants the ability to roam Europe. As we have seen, this was a recipe for disaster.

– “Developments in connection with the refugee situation have shown that terrorist organisations are using the opportunity to (smuggle) potential attackers or supporters into Europe and Germany undetected,” a spokeswoman for the federal police told Newsweek.

In 2016, more than 8,000 passports that German authorities checked were fake. Were the migrants who committed fraud deported? The V4 Report finds this number alarming, but also quite misleading. How many illegal migrants were granted entry without any identification at all? We would estimate that this number is much higher, which leads us to another troubling conclusion.

Fake passports are indeed a major problem, especially in the hands of ISIS. However, we are shocked, bewildered and troubled that Angela Merkel and the leaders of Greece and Italy had no problem granting entry to migrants without any identification. In fact, the whole process of surrendering the border and allowing open entry before processing the migrants was deeply flawed and exposed far too many Europeans to great risks.

As we wrote in an editorial published by the Tribune-Review in September of 2015: “The idea of allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants — without knowing who they are first — to enter Europe from regions well known for persecuting non-Muslims and containing ISIS jihadists who have declared Europe as their “next Syria” is not compassion but sheer lunacy.”

The problem in Europe is not Hungary or Poland, both have done far more to uphold the integrity of Europe than the leaders of the EU circus pictured below. The obstacles in Europe are the feeble and negligent leaders of Berlin and Brussels who have sacrificed their own people at the altar of multiculturalism and political correctness.

The EU Core is dying from internal weakness. Angela Merkel and the leaders of Western Europe are unwilling to defend their borders or deport the illegal migrants outside of Europe. The Chancellor of Germany and bureaucrats in Brussels have lost the credibility to lead Europe and their futile proposals have only deepened and prolonged the crisis.

Change is coming to Europe, but it won’t be from Germany or France. A new energy is emerging from the lands of Visegrad to recapture the heart and soul of Europe from those who have failed to answer the bell. Others in the CEE region will be following soon.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.