EU Dunce: Ylva from Sweden. 💁‍♀️

EU Dunce: Ylva from Sweden. 💁‍♀️
Ylva’s tweet 👉 Around 90% of irregular arrivals to the EU are exploited by migrant smugglers. Many of those smuggling networks are involved in trafficking drugs and firearms. EU and Turkey will step up cooperation to break those networks. Technical discussions will start after my Ankara visit. 👈
** Ylva, Ylva, Ylva…The Turkish government and its mercenaries are a big part of that network. They are the network.
EU Commission is just bottom-shelf. Moreover, illegal migrants create the demand (cash for services) for smugglers; deport illegals immediately to send message instead of rewarding them by allowing them to stay.
Any illegal entering Europe with the aid of smugglers (thats 90%…right Ylva?) should not be permitted to file an asylum claim and must immediately be deported.
This is how to stop the madness. New smuggling networks will keep appearing so long as the illegals are rewarded with a stay. It is their money – and the Turk networks – that enables the smugglers.