EU Election: The battle lines are drawn.

EU Election:  The battle lines are drawn.

EU Election: The battle lines are drawn.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says conservatives must work with New Right.

EPP leader Manfred Weber of Germany says, “The nationalists will be our enemies.”

The bell has been rung. 🔔🥊

– In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa published on Wednesday, Orban praised Matteo Salvini and said the EPP had to drop its aversion to the New Right.

“The EPP is preparing to commit suicide and wants to tie itself to the left,” Orban said.

Salvini, the head of Italy’s League, is trying to put together a Europe-wide alliance of nationalist, anti-immigration parties.

Orban alluded to this, saying: “We need to find another path through cooperation with Europe’s right wing.”

Orban praised Salvini for defending Europe and stopping the wave of illegal migrants trying reach Italy over the past year.

“For this, I think Salvini is the most important person in Europe today,” he said.

This was not taken well by Germany’s Grand Coalition leaders, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Manfred Weber (or Mr. WE). German leaders like to think that they are God’s gift to Europe.

“If Orban chooses to move further away from the EPP, there is no way back to the EPP for him and Fidesz,” Miss AKK said.

EPP leader Manfred Weber has made it clear that he would prefer working with pro-EU Socialists (Timmermans), Liberals (Verhofstadt/ALDE) and even Greens rather than the national and sovereigntist forces drawn to Salvini and the PiS of Poland.

“The nationalists will be our enemies,” Weber said as he launched his EU ‘power of WE’ campaign and ‘listening tour’ last month.

* The Battle for the Soul of Europe has arrived, the masks are off and the choices are clear. Game-On!