EU Golem State: Refugee Quotas, Blackmail and Extortion for Satellite Nations

EU Golem State: Refugee Quotas, Blackmail and Extortion for Satellite Nations

One knew this was coming; it was just a matter of time.  Angela Merkel, too, knew all along that this was her only card left to play.  Some 2,000,000 migrants/refugees (and some terrorists) have stormed across the border, and more are coming.  Despite the whining and exaggerations from various corners, the external EU border remains open and there has not been any meaningful deportations of those “who do not belong”.  Disregard the spin, Merkel and EUCO do not have the will to stop the migrants from entering or the strength to deport those already here illegally.  The numbers continue to rise.  Merkel will not change unless she is forced to by others OUTSIDE of Germany.

The refugee quota is the perfect plan for Merkel.  She can stake her legacy as the brave leader who opened the doors to migrants seeking a better life, thus earning her more honors from the media and portraying Germany as the Great Nation that upheld “the values” and “solidarity” of the EU.  Forced migrant quotas for those resisting would relieve the political pressure on her at home. Without quotas, Merkel would be forced to secure the external border to limit the masses who all seek “Sugar Daddy” Germany.  With a permanent, ongoing refugee redistribution mechanism, she gains a scheme that allows limitless migrants into Europe to be shuffled around the member nations.  This, of course, is cultural suicide;  remaking Europe into the image of France, Belgium, and Sweden — all in multicultural meltdown mode.

It is well documented that the Visegrad4 and CEE states do not share this vision.   They have the right to decide the makeup of their own nations and how best to protect their people.  This is a common sense, a natural instinct.  Of course, they will reject the quotas just as the migrants will reject their assignments as they have in the past, using human traffickers to transport them to their preferred destination.

This plan is pure blackmail and is not feasible.  For instance, if the Czech Republic refuses 2,000 quotas (and they will), the EU Golem would try to extort $500,000,000? How realistic is this? Just look at some of the countries like Algeria, Pakistan, Morocco, and Tunisia that refuse to take back their citizens the EU desires to deport.  Or Turkey, who flooded Europe. The EU is giving them money!! The EU is feckless; call their bluff, defy the quotas and refuse to pay.  The EU cannot collect this money.  If they try to withhold monies from EU coffers, then the V4 should deduct a like amount in aid to the countries who refused back their citizens (i.e. Africa) or funds earmarked to Greece, Italy and Turkey, the countries largely responsible for the wave.

If Merkel did all in her power to keep a basket case like Greece in the Union and with Britain on the verge of exiting, she cannot afford to lose the Visegrad4 nations, and she knows it.  Germany, an export machine, needs to keep the EU in tact for their own economic reasons, including a currency that keeps their goods artificially cheap.

But there is a larger reason to defy the EU and defeat Merkel on quotas.  It is the only way to force Merkel’s EU to secure the external border to stop the inflow.  German voters will not tolerate endless migrants forever. This would entail sealing off Greece and Italy to save Schengen, which would also force Tsipras and Renzi to make some choices.

In life we all have choices to make about who we are and what we believe in.  This is a defining moment for the V4 and Europe.  Will you fight for your culture, your way of life, your Soul or will you surrender meekly to the false God of multiculturalism.

Game On V4! We are about to see what you are made of. Are you ready to answer the bell to control your own destiny in an Epic Battle to save a Continent in Chaos?  Or will you be beaten down by Berlin.  Good Luck, Fight Hard, and Good Night…..we are counting on you and believe in you.