EU gun ban forcing nation states to disarm, changing national laws.

EU gun ban forcing nation states to disarm, changing national laws.

EU gun ban forcing nation states to disarm, changing national laws.

So Brussels opens the borders to aggressive male migrants from alien and violent cultures but will then the handcuff citizens of nation states and their ability to defend themselves. Don’t worry, Brussels will protect you. 🤨

In short, the EU directive lists the regime’s minimum standards regarding civilian firearms acquisition and possession that the EU Member States must implement into their national legal systems. This is an outage, maybe Vera Jourova will help save the day? 😏

Member States are however “free to add more stringent” laws (probably Sweden) 😂 which leads to differences in the extent of citizens’ legal access to firearms within different EU countries.

* Is membership worth the loss of one’s freedom and sovereignty.

👉 Translated in full but very difficult so we need some comments: COMPREHENSIVE Arms Act Amendment Submitted: Hungarian EU Law Harmonization Tonight, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior submitted to the Parliament an arms law amendment aimed at implementing the EU directive, which has unfortunately become inevitable.

This is a COMPREHENSIVE amendment, with a justification of 45 pages (and the necessary amendment to Government Decree 253/2004 is expected to be much more extensive). During the drafting of the draft, a number of arguments were heard from stakeholders. Overall, based on the extremely difficult legal text, this amendment has become a particularly mild, possibly non-retroactive, EU minimum. Nevertheless, its painful effects seem inevitable, and the interpretation of the detailed rules will later lead to serious legal problems. This little summary is not a complete, non-legal interpretation !!!

Some key points, without completeness:

– The concept of “WORKABLE FIREARMS” is introduced, which in the BTK also replaces the current (licensed) FIREARMS concept.

– Firearms reclassified to category “A”: a number of self-loading sporting weapons (long / short medium loaded with magazines larger than 10/20) are transferred to category “A”, ie prohibited for civilian use. In the case of these firearms, the new domestic legislation makes use of the possibility of an exception, ie these firearms will continue to be licensed for sport shooting, but the detailed rules are expected to be much more difficult to comply with – it will be in a government decree.

– 10 magazines with a capacity of more than 10 for long firearms and 20 for short firearms. (see above) licensee.

– Expiry of licenses: The EU directive makes it obligatory to review firearms licenses issued every five years or less. Under the new domestic regulations, this will operate according to an automatic system, ie the authority will do this in its own competence, without the involvement of the licensee – as is still the case today – the licensee will not have to deal with any extension.

– Reclassification of firearms: Although the new EU directive reclassifies almost all types of firearms, Hungarian firearms holders do not have to apply for a new technical card or license for these firearms, this provision does not change the permits already issued.

– There will be no change in the acquisition, possession and carrying of gas and alarm weapons that are already out there. According to the new directive and the new Hungarian regulations, from 1 January 2023 only gas and alarm weapons complying with stricter technical criteria (EU 69/2019 = “PTB Light”) will be allowed to be released for free circulation. This provision therefore affects manufacturers and traders extremely severely, as it reclassifies rubber-powered gas alarms into category C (notifiable = prohibited *) and markets will cease to exist.

– Possession of deactivated weapons: the MAJORITY of the MAJORITY of deactivated weapons currently held without a license will not change and will remain free. If the deactivation took place after 8 April 2016, the welded scrap metal is reclassified to category C (notifiable = prohibited). However, only deactivated weapons that meet the technical parameters after April 8, 2016 may be placed on the market or imported into the country. But they will also be classified in category C (notifiable = prohibited *).

* (We have seen from the example of the flutes that in practice all administrative burdensome measures are equivalent to banning, cessation of distribution and production.)

– Possession of museum weapons: acquisition and possession of museum weapons, etc. your system does not change.