EU invests in Africa (good luck) but neglects external border in Italy

EU invests in Africa (good luck) but neglects external border in Italy

Over the last several months, Angela Merkel and the EU have been seeking out “investments” in Africa to try to stop the migrants from coming to Europe.  Their theory: this wonderful cash will magically turn Africa into an economic machine that will produce jobs and prosperity, thus giving incentive for the migrants to stay in Africa.  Of course, this assumes the leaders in Africa will not use the cash to benefit themselves and are actually fruitful with those talents given to them.

The history of Africa and aid is not a successful one.  This is a risky gamble; nevertheless, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. But even in the best of scenarios, this will take decades to bear fruit.  But Europe does not have decades to wait, the inflow must be stopped now.  Personally, I believe it’s a waste of time and money, so long as the border in Italy remains open.

A better investment – whether in Bulgaria, Greece or Italy – would be to send troops, equipment and cash to seal the external border and deny entry in the first place.  Who is Merkel kidding?  85% of the asylum seekers are economic migrants in Italy.  They have no business roaming Europe, especially when the EU dreams up schemes of “relocation”.  It is simply not logical to allow the migrants to enter, just to deport them later (which rarely occurs).  Viktor Orban’s idea of placing the migrants in camps in Libya to separate the true refugees (not many) from the economic migrants makes much more sense. It is much easier to deny entry than to deport.  Plus, it sends the right message to the NGOs and others that illegal migration will not be tolerated, thereby reducing the profit motive for smugglers.

As I have written before, there is only one solution: deny entry at the source and deport those migrants already here “outside of Europe”. Waiting and hoping for Africa to be self-sufficient or relocation quotas are not realistic options.  Time to move on.

At some point, the EU will have to grow up and defend their own borders. Relying on foreign governments to secure the external borders is lunacy and allows others (Erdogan and other foreign leaders) to control Europe’s destiny.  Is this wise?  No it’s suicidal, but what else would one expect from the feeble leaders in Brussels?

Time is running out on the EU.  Will they step-up or will the nation states of Europe have to work around them to get the job done themselves, as they did in the Balkans.  Based on past performance, I know who my money is on.