EU, Merkel Solidarity a Myth; V4 and Nation States provide a dose of Reality

EU, Merkel Solidarity a Myth; V4 and Nation States provide a dose of Reality

Solidarity tends to be one of those overused EU slogans that has lost all of its meaning. Since September of 2015, it was very clear what Angela Merkel’s “solidarity” entailed.

Chancellor Merkel and the leaders in Brussels would revel in greatness, as they welcomed millions of illegal and undocumented migrants to Europe. Full of “delusions of grandeur”, they were to be the guardians of “European values”. Sweden and Austria were “all in”.

Despite the “we can do it” rallies and all the vain selfies, Merkel knew full well that Germany could not do it alone. Her “EU solution” from the beginning was to establish a binding mechanism to distribute and “relocate” the migrants (forced quotas) across the EU. Neither Merkel nor the EU had any intention of limits or sealing the external borders. Their solution involved taking in an unlimited amount of migrants and then redistributing them throughout Europe via an endless stream of quotas.

There was just one problem; it was a myth. There was never any “European solidarity” for this open border theology. Nor did Merkel speak for Europe alone. The Visegrad4 and Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) states did not see the light of open-borders. They saw the results of mass migration and multiculturalism in Western Europe and wanted no part of that way of life. They were shocked at the border surrender in Greece and Italy, where unknown men from violent regions were just “waved-through”. The V4 were new, but not naive. They were not about to expose their people and their culture to this type of thoughtless negligence.

The V4 and others had a different idea of European (not EU) solidarity. They wanted the borders sealed, entry denied, and camps set up OUTSIDE of Europe to separate the true refugees from the masses of migrants seeking to enter Europe. They were willing to send troops and equipment to assist those border states. There from outside the borders, if Germany or Sweden wanted refugees, they could have chosen them from the camps in Turkey or Libya, and directly transported them to their countries. A sealed border (like Australia) would have curtailed the smugglers and prevented the migrant roaming we see in Europe today. Schengen, all but dead now, could have been saved.

Today, the mass rapes, terror attacks and migrant violence – predicted by many of us a year ago – are the blowback to the policies of Angela Merkel and the open borders in Greece and Italy. It is nonsense when the media claims we are using the terror attacks for political purposes when many clearly warned Merkel of these consequences some 18 months ago.

Nobody wins when terror strikes, but neither does one improve by burying their heads in the sand to reality. Our point is not to lecture, but to change the debate from what has not worked into a solution based on critical thinking and authentic solidarity.

The game is over for Angela Merkel, whether or not she remains as Chancellor of Germany. Many in Europe have lost all faith in her and the EU. They have failed to answer the bell, and worse yet, remain in denial.

A new “responsible nationalism” has emerged from the East to restore a Continent in Chaos. They call themselves the Visegrad4, and soon other nations will be joining their cause. More CEE states are abandoning the hapless Juncker regime in Brussels and joining the team of Viktor Orban; for people know who will fight to defend their culture and who will just give it away.

A new reality-based Solidarity has already begun in the Balkans, where several states are sending troops to secure the border. Soon it will spread. The forces of responsible nationalism have been unleashed in Europe. It will not be stopped.