EU Migrant Quotas Must Be Defied to Save Europe

EU Migrant Quotas Must Be Defied to Save Europe

[dropcap][/dropcap]Let’s be frank: The battle to determine the heart and soul of Europe is not some nonsense about solidarity or shared responsibilities.  Despite her talk, Angela Merkel will do little, if anything, to deny entry to migrants from the Middle East or Africa. She has had more than a year;  it’s not happening.  Deporting is virtually impossible thanks to the hordes of so-called human rights attorneys, home-grown internal smugglers, and open border activists (not to mention the attitude of many foreign countries who refuse to take back their citizen-migrants).  And while the flow has slowed somewhat, the mass migration continues, especially in Italy, and is still rapidly increasing. Net inflows still greatly dominate any tiny outflow by wide margins.

The EU is bitterly divided on the sustainability of current migration levels.  Some think if only the EU could be united in “solidarity”, the situation would be manageable; while others believe the only way to save Europe is by securing the borders and deporting the illegals.

This is the debate and it all comes down to forced refugee quotas.  This was Merkel’s plan from the beginning and it is her last and only stand now.  This will determine Europe’s destiny.

Merkel, EUCO, and various other Western European leaders are addicted to multiculturalism and Open Borders. They believe the values of the EU (which are not universal European values) obligate them to accept every migrant that seeks a better life; hence, they are focused on solutions such as “secure transfer routes”, harmonizing EU migration laws, and refugee quotas.  While Merkel and Sweden now realize that they cannot take every migrant, they do believe that all the states of Europe can.  They dismiss, believing it to be “xenophobic”, the concerns about the culture of Islam changing the way of life in Europe. Yet, despite its failure in every EU state with a large Muslim minority, multicult is something they embrace and believe in.  This is their theology.

To achieve this unlimited transfer of migrants to Europe, they need a permanent mechanism with force to resettle the migrants within all the EU states.  This is known as “migrant quotas”.  If this succeeds, others can forget about Italy or Greece securing the border.  Why would they, if they know the migrants will be headed elsewhere?  Forget about limits, this quota scheme would enshrine endless Muslim immigration for every EU state.

The V4 and others in Eastern Europe strongly disagree.  They did not open their borders to migrants and never saw the light of Muslim multiculturalism.  They believe it is their duty and natural right to protect their priceless culture and way of life. They also know that the quota scheme is a weak “cop-out” from taking the responsibility to secure the border from unknown migrants and jihadists from violent regions, who have no desire to assimilate.  Once the quotas start, they will never end.

The V4 nations also view the rejection of quotas as the only way to force Germany, Italy, and Greece to reconsider their “Open Entry-Wave By” border policies.  We have already seen the success of the Balkan closings on the inflow to Greece.  Closing that border road from Greece to Germany discouraged the migrants from entering Greece.  Austria and Switzerland could do the same with Italy; if the migrants realize they will be prevented from moving on, the demand will be curtailed.

More importantly would be the pressure exerted on these countries. Without others to send migrants to, Italy and Greece would be swamped with migrants.  Like Germany, their citizens would not tolerate this for long.  Without quotas for others, Merkel, Italy and Greece would have to rethink their insane open border surrender.  Eventually, they would be forced to deny entry.

One can ignore all the spin of an EU solution; it is not possible. Only a European solution led by nation states, based on sealing the external border with determination and strength, can save Europe from a Syrian-like cultural war that will forever change the continent.

The first battle in taking back Europe from the New World Order of the EU and UN is the unconditional defeat of Merkel’s refugee quotas. Game On V4, this is your “red line in the sand” and where you must make your stand!