EU multicult addicts: Turning illegal migration into legal migration.

EU multicult addicts:  Turning illegal migration into legal migration.

EU multicult addicts: Turning illegal migration into legal migration.

EU Migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos calls on EU “member states” to take migrants directly from countries in Africa, citing current talks with Rwanda.


The EU is out of control…addicted to multicult and determined to commit Europe to mass migration. It will never end. It’s a cult-like, abnormal culture in Brussels.

While the words of the EU Commissioner should bring outrage and mass demonstrations to the halls of Brussels, there will be silence from most…and many “member puppets”, like Andrej Plenkovic, will jump for EU treats while silently surrendering to Brussels.

Only Hungary puts up any opposition. Over the weekend, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó stated: “The safety of the people of Europe is paramount, migration must be kept outside Europe.”

* The EU cannot be reformed…besides V4 and Salvini, there is not much to choose from, no base to work with…at least not in the three or four Grand Coalition parties that currently control EU.

– Avramopoulos said he would like to see members of the EU bring far more “vulnerable” migrants directly from refugee camps in various African countries saying: “I call on all Member States to step up their resettlement efforts and implement their commitments to receive refugees as soon as possible.”

The EU Commissioner mentioned Libya, a country with an estimated 500,000 or more migrants, saying in comments reported by Die Welt: “It is necessary to carry out more emergency evacuations from Libya.”

As Breitbart points out, this echoes demands of migrant transport NGO captain Carola Rackete who demanded that the EU take in at least 500,000 migrants from Libya. NGO Doctors Without Borders has also made similar demands to Germany but cited a much smaller number of migrants.

Avramopoulos said that so far, around 35,000 migrants have come to Europe from Africa as part of the EU resettlement programme in the last two years, but added: “We must not become complacent. Relocations should become the most important way to join the European Union for those in need of protection.”

“We must make resettling a priority if we want to support partner countries that have taken in refugees. However, this is also important in order to provide refugees who want to travel to Europe in safe ways so that they no longer have to resort to dangerous and illegal sea and land routes,” he added.

** There it is, Avramopoulos’ last sentence echoing the agenda of the 2017 Malta Summit designed to turn illegal migration into legal migration.