EU pressures Croatia regarding a border monitoring mechanism

EU pressures Croatia regarding a border monitoring mechanism

Croatia border: EU pressures Croatia regarding a “border monitoring mechanism”.

In other words, the EU wants to monitor the actions of national border police, especially the practice of so-called pushbacks, which are an absolute necessity to properly defend the external borders.

Croatia is rightly resisting the EU dictate so far, but great pressure will be put on the Plenkovic government to obey.

The EU Commission released a proposal for a New Pact on Migration and Asylum, which included provisions for the establishment of national independent border-monitoring mechanisms throughout the EU.

Listen to this report 👉: An internal report prepared after the visit of the EU Commission and FRA to Croatia on November 17-18 contains numerous ideas about the design and architecture of a future mechanism, which were developed during consultations with national authorities, NGOs, and international organizations.

These include: making publicly available the mechanisms database; allocating funds directly to those implementing monitoring to ensure independence; threatening sanctions for member states that do not take measures or ignore findings; cross-border cooperation with the relevant third-country authorities to allow the better collection of evidence about the conduct of the Croatian border police; and support verifications with experts who have the appropriate knowledge of Interior Ministry systems and communications, to be provided by the State Attorney’s Office or Frontex, and give them the mandate to decide on the place and time of investigations. 👈

Wow, anything else?

This is why the EU-wide migration reform scheme must be unconditionally defeated.

Once this EU genie is out of the bottle, Brussels will strive for total control.