Merkel must realize European Culture is not just hers to “throw away”

Merkel must realize European Culture is not just hers to “throw away”

The battle for the heart and soul of Europe has begun.  The gloves are off, solidarity is dead, and the EU is fighting for its life.  This was not how it was planned by Germany’s Angela Merkel who finds herself increasingly isolated from Visegrad and others in Europe.

The recent shocking violence by migrants against a sovereign Macedonia border illustrates the deep division of “values” inside the EU.  In one corner you have Angela Merkel, Greece, and the various Mediterranean states.  Their leaders do not believe in borders, culture, or any limits on migrants.  Greece and Italy surrendered their border to the point of negligence.  They waived through, with little or no checks at all, undocumented migrants from violent regions well-known for persecuting non-Muslims.

Greece likes to talk about “compassion”, but what type of values sacrifice the security and well-being of your own citizens under the false flag of “humanity”.  The blowback has come, as witnessed by the sexual assaults in Cologne and elsewhere, and the Paris attacks carried out by terrorists who traveled as “refugees” through the porous borders.

Merkel refuses to set any limits and actually encouraged the migrants to come to Germany.  Yet, she now wants to force others to take some of those migrants they did not ask for.  Merkel’s vision of Europe entails an unlimited amount of migrants and a permanent and endless relocation scheme for all in the EU.

Greece, Merkel, and the Mediterranean states believe the European Culture is not special and can be sacrificed for the false God of multiculturalism, which has failed miserably in Western Europe.  Open Borders and no limits; this is Merkel Vision.  On this, she is intolerant to any other view and believes it to be immoral to secure the borders.  This, she said, “is not her Europe”.

Merkel is not the sovereign of Europe, and not all of “her subjects” worship to her multicultural theology.  The V4 nations led by Viktor Orban of Hungary took a lonely, bold step early on to challenge Merkel.  They have always insisted that securing the border and limiting the inflow was the first step for any solution.  There would be help for the true war refugees, but insisted the process be orderly and processed outside the EU border.  If Greece refuses to secure the border, putting all Europeans at risk, the V4 believes they have the moral duty to help the Balkans secure the border from Greece. The V4 put the safety of their citizens first.  They were not interested in legacies masked in vanity or medals of honor from the liberal media.

While wishing Germany and others “luck” with their multicultural experiments, the V4 nations saw the results and said “no thanks”.  They fought to protect their people, their culture, and their way of life.  These are the values that make countries great and priceless.

Two vastly different values and beliefs inside the EU are about to collide, something will have to give.  The EU meetings this spring will determine who leads Europe and who defines the continent’s values.  Many of Merkel’s former allies, like Austria, have defected and lost confidence in her. Merkel is determined to keep the EU border open and to force the V4 countries to accept migrant quotas and rabid multiculturalism.

The V4 and CEE states will defy her, they have no other choice.  The areas that bought into Merkel’s naivety early on are melting down, their citizens are scared and tense regarding their future.  They are looking for a strong hand to bring back order to a continent in chaos.  This is the battle; defeat Merkel on relocation quotas and Merkel will have no choice but to secure the border and begin meaningful deportations.

Merkel is not too big to fail nor does she have a monopoly on defining the values of Europe.  Merkel has failed to answer the bell for Europe and now the V4 will fight to save her Soul.  Good night, Good Luck, and Stay Strong.