EU Migrant Crisis: Merkel/Old Europe vs Orban/Visegrad showdown

EU Migrant Crisis:  Merkel/Old Europe vs Orban/Visegrad showdown

    The showdown over “refugee quotas” is coming and it will not be pretty.

      The false Gods of “solidarity”, Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker, want to impose “their vision” on the rest of the EU.  Despite the horrific events of Paris and the chaos of an unlimited flow of undocumented migrants overwhelming Europe, Merkel & Juncker want no limits and do not seem to have the will to secure the border. Quite simply, they have decided to sacrifice the security of EU citizens for their “visions of grandeur”.

       This cannot go on as is or Europe will not be able to help themselves, let alone any true refugee.  They have buckled and unarmed themselves of all courage in the face of political correctness.  They have been lax with security, the smugglers, Turkey, Africa and the illegal migrants themselves.

      However, one group in particular is the target of their arrogance and scorn:  the V4 nations of Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.  Viktor Orban and the new members from Central Europe have been proven right from the start and have exercised their authority to control the events in their countries to provide order and safety for their citizens.  Germany, Sweden, and Greece made promises they could not keep and have become enslaved to the actions of the masses.  Their people are rightfully tense and shaken.

      I have said this time and time again, and I will say it again.  Merkel is not interested in securing the external borders, deporting those who do not belong, or any type of limits.  Behind all her rhetoric is one goal and this has been her only goal all along:  a permanent and binding migrant relocation scheme for the EU, targeting the V4 nations that opposed her.  This is her only way to save face from her thoughtless decisions.

      Game on! Merkel, Juncker and their mercenaries in the media are coming and they are determined.  This is their legacy at stake and they will not go down silently.  Expect Merkel to employ heavy “economic pressure tanks” on Visegrad in an attempt to break them, using the media as her air power to drop “slander bombs” full of venom.

      Yet, it is Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic which hold the cards and moral high ground in this battle.  It is the Visegrad4 that is the new hope for the future of Europe.  Their solutions are what the EU needs and they have to be prepared to fight back and even defy Merkel in the end.  The V4 needs to draw a red line in the sand that stops at migrant quotas, for saving the EU is not worth losing your soul, culture, or way of life.

      The stakes are high.  A Merkel victory will guarantee her “vision”:  limitless refugees/migrants with endless and ongoing redistribution.  Defy her and Germany and the EU will have no other choice but to secure the border with limits.

      In the end, the one with the greatest will and courage wins and controls the future of a Continent in chaos.  Stay Strong and United V4, for your strength and fortitude will attract others to your cause. Time to chart your own destiny and usher in a new era of hope for Europe.