EU refugee crisis: Merkel’s deportation spin does not add up.

EU refugee crisis: Merkel’s deportation spin does not add up.

Angela Merkel has to be shaken after the events of NYE.  Many questioned her judgement from the start. “How wise is it to allow a million refugees – without even knowing who they are and from regions well-known for persecuting non-Muslims – to roam the streets of Europe”, I wrote four months ago.

Today, we are witnessing the blowback to her disastrous decisions.  The Europe that followed her lead is in complete chaos and their citizens are on the edge as a tidal wave of young Muslim men from violent cultures have taken over their neighborhoods and streets. (This cannot be said of the Visegrad4 nations, who wisely defied her from the start and enjoy peace and tranquility in their streets.)

Merkel has proposed changing German law that will supposedly allow her to deport those asylum seekers who commit crimes.  I am a strong proponent of deportation, but I suspect that this is nothing but useless chatter on her part in order to try to give the appearance that “we can manage it”.

Dig deep and one will find that Angela Merkel’s tough talk on deportation does not add up:

1.  Deporting a thousand or so criminal migrants will be futile if the EU external border is not sealed.  As Merkel “considers” deporting a few thugs from Cologne, another 5-7000 migrants enter Greece daily.  Europe expects another million in 2016 and some predict 10 million could be on their way in the near future.  This is simply not sustainable; one simply cannot let the migrants in first and try to deport later.  Western Europe already has major problems integrating the current Muslims because they simply reject the culture.  Adding new fuel to the fire will only increase the danger for European citizens in the future.  In large numbers, these Muslim newcomers are easily radicalized and easy prey for criminal gangs and terrorists, who have also slipped through the unsecured border. Multiculturalism is a failure in Europe as the mayhem in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere shows.

2.  Where do you deport a refugee who has no identity?  A large percentage, maybe even the majority, of refugees are undocumented. Many have simply destroyed their identity papers and are lying about who they are.  Most say they are Syrian refugees, who have the best chance for asylum. How can Merkel deport an Iranian migrant to Iran if there is no proof of identity?  This is why it was a colossal mistake to allow any undocumented refugee into Europe in the first place.  Look at the chaotic numbers in Europe, how are they going to sort this mess out?  This is why it is imperative that the border is sealed and illegals are turned back immediately.  There is no other choice.

3. Deportation depends on the willingness of the host country to take back the migrant.  Not easy.  Afghanistan has already sent back a plane to Greece full of Afghan migrants, claiming their paperwork failed to prove they were from there.  What about the governments of Africa, Iran, Syria and Pakistan?  Good luck.  And then there is Erdogan and Turkey, a hub nation where 70-80% of the refugees are entering Europe via Greece.  Erdogan has tolerated and profited from a network of 25,000 smugglers and has already told the EU that he will not allow Turkey to become Europe’s “concentration camp”.  What hypocracy, considering “these refugees” came from Turkey.  It will be difficult for the EU to find other countries who are willing to accept back “their citizens”.  I repeat, any solution to this crisis first and foremost requires sealing the external border.

4.  Human Rights attorneys and advocates.  They will find any card up their sleeve to make deporting a migrant as difficult and time-consuming as possible.  Appeals, etc. can sometimes delay this process for years.  In the meantime, another 5-7000 migrants will enter Greece DAILY!

5.  Courage and will, something Merkel and the EU lack.  The migrants will keep coming until a little force and resistance is applied (see example of Hungary).  I have written about Australia’s Tony Abbott and America’s Dwight Eisenhower extensively.  Abbott simply turned the boats back and quickly solved that problem.  Eisenhower forcefully deported 500,000 illegal Mexicans while another 500,000 quickly self-deported after getting the message of the harsh trip back). Ike had the fortitude not to give the Mexican government a choice in the matter, something I doubt Merkel and Juncker possess.

Merkel knows all of this well; she may be naive, but she is not stupid.  She is trying to keep her vision alive by talking deportation while leaving the border open and sticking to her no limits pledge. She knows this spin on deporting is meaningless, which opens the door to the real division between Merkel and the V4 nations.

Visegrad sees the problem of Muslim multiculturalism in Europe.  They are convinced it will not work because many Muslims reject the culture.  Merkel believes the refugees will accept the culture and that’s exactly why she has no concern whatsoever of millions of migrants entering Europe.  The V4, not interested in fairy tales, has seen the results in Western Europe and believe otherwise.  They have their own vision and are confident with their culture and way of life.

However, Visegrad and CEE nations hold the cards.  Merkel’s No Limit Vision, she believes, will only be accepted by Germany if she can force the other EU nations into a permanent and endless refugee redistribution scheme. It’s up to the V4 to remain united and to defy her on this issue.  For if they do, Merkel will have no other choice than to seal the border and deport, or Germany will explode.

Call her Bluff!