EU Rubbish: The ‘theatre of Brussels’ makes a special cameo appearance in Greece to try to boost its own image.

EU Rubbish:  The ‘theatre of Brussels’ makes a special cameo appearance in Greece to try to boost its own image.

EU Rubbish: The ‘theatre of Brussels’ makes a special cameo appearance in Greece to try to boost its own image.

Greece should be very nervous regarding the involvement of the EU Commission and Frontex with the “management” of its borders.

Even David Sassoli, the multicult, open-border extremist from Italy showed up.

It’s quite comical and shamelessly hypocritical that all the promoters of multicult and mass migration (von der Leyen, Sir Charles Michel, Sassoli) want to be seen as something they are not…defenders of the external borders and the European way of life. They are pure imposters looking to boost their images…not sure how they can even look at themselves in the mirror at this point.

If the EU wants to truly help, they can get the hell out of the way while sending nation states like Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece the same amount of money paid to Turkey to seal the the borders as they see fit…without any micromanagement or lectures about so-called “EU values”. 👯‍♀️

Charles Michel has already tweeted propaganda regarding so-called international law and human rights: “Greek borders are our European borders…Our presence sends a strong message (don’t overestimate yourself, Charles)…Even if the task is very difficult it’s important as Europeans to protect our borders and show respect for international law and human rights”.

* Again, as the last five years have shown, Michel and the EU Commission have no intention of stopping illegal migration…this is all a little show intended to try to mislead the public that the EU Commission has things under control before it rolls out its own migration plan.

Greece may have let in the foxes… the agenda of Brussels is to commit the EU to mass migration.

** One has to remember that Frontex will not “push back” or prevent the entry of aggressive male migrants at the border. In fact, the EU agency “rescued” over 50,000 migrants in the Mediterranean, which is exactly why Matteo Salvini expelled them. (Which is why the EU establishment blackballed Salvini at the EU Summit).

Frontex has also have been involved with “rescues” in the past in Greece. They interfere with the efforts of national police.

*** The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) announced on Monday that it will launch a rapid border intervention (RABIT) to assist Greece in dealing with the large numbers of migrants at its external borders.

But what does this mean?

Frontex Executive Director, Fabrice Leggeri said, “Our core mission is to protect the common borders of the European Union in support of Member States (ya ya, they all say this)….In Greece, we contribute to this goal by supporting the registration of migrants and security screenings, which are also important for returns,” Leggeri concluded.

“The registration of migrants…which are important for returns?”

What registrations? What returns? The EU and Greece have had absolutely no success of deporting migrants outside of Europe; why would Frontex start granting entry for “registration”?

The V4 Report believes the EU Commission brings nothing but baggage and handcuffs to the table with all of its counterproductive, naive and outdated declarations.

Brussels can help in three ways:

1. Use the money invested on Erdogan instead to give to the border states to defend (not manage) its borders…but leave the implementation and command to national border guards. Brussels must end this idea of trying to define national values regarding migration.

2. Coordinate and develop an EU game plan of economic and trade sanctions designed to break the ribs (economically speaking) of the Turkish economy until Erdogan’s attitude is adjusted. This is where one needs ‘EU solidarity’.

3. Inform the UN and NGOs to stand back, as Greece needs the leeway and flexibility to properly seal its border. The refugees can apply for asylum in the safe country of Turkey.

This is a critical moment and Europe needs to send a strong and direct message to the smugglers, NGOs, migrants and foreign leaders that they will no longer be open for abuse.