EU seeks to “renew” migration pact with Turkey

EU seeks to “renew” migration pact with Turkey

EU seeks to “renew” the migration pact with Turkey.

Interesting, but to renew is defined as resuming activity after an interruption. 🤔

Erdogan may have unofficially suspended it, but the EU money flowing to Turkey never stopped.

Two parts of that deal were either outright lies or failed to materialize.

1) Turkey was supposed to take back ALL “non-Syrian” illegals that crossed by sea to Greece via Turkey. This did not happen and Erdogan has outright refused to take them back despite requests from Greece.
2) The so-called “1-1” swap of Syrians did not materialize either. For every Syrian resettled from Greece to the EU, one Syrian was to be sent back to Turkey. One-for-one easily turned into 50-for-one and was overwhelmingly one-way traffic to the EU, which failed to push the issue.

While the EU sent boatloads of cash to Erdogan, Turkey sent boatloads of illegals to Greece.

The listless and low-energy EU foreign policy chief from Spain, Joseph Borrell, claimed the deal showed “tangible results” in reducing the loss of life.

He must be referring to all those staged “rescues” from Turkey, which the EU says is a safe country. 😉