EU sharply divided on migration

EU sharply divided on migration

EU sharply divided on migration.
No kidding…it’s only been six years. 🤒

Ylva from Sweden’s EU-wide migration pact will commit Europe to mass migration. Obviously, the EU Commission and its most favored nation (Germany) have only exacerbated the crisis over the last six years and cannot be allowed to expand its scope even further.
There is but one option for the V4 and CEE states that wish to defend their culture, identity, and way of life: the unconditional defeat of this UN-inspired migration pact.

– The Med five (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, and Spain), led by Master Draghi, have sent a joint letter to the EU Commissioners demanding guarantees that arriving illegals will be evenly distributed across the bloc.
Notice how they wish to ‘manage’ the flows by transforming illegal migration into legal migration.
Draghi is doing his best imitation of US VP Kamala Harris, regurgitating worn-out slogans (do not to come, you will be sent back 👌) without taking action to deny entry or to deport in large numbers. Voluntary returns and humanitarian corridors while begging Tunisia or Morocco is not a plan based on reality.
The rich northern countries led by Germany have no intention of stopping primary migration to Greece, and even criticize the pushbacks, which is the only way to properly defend one’s border. No, their only wish is to prevent secondary movements; ironically, they themselves attract both primary and secondary movements with their welcome cultures that put other states like Greece through misery.
The Visegrad states want the borders sealed and do not wish to take in illegals granted entry by others or to be held hostage by the reckless decisions of others at the border.

Does anyone really believe, including the Eurocrats themselves, that Ylva’s migration pact will actually decrease the flows?
Not a chance. The EU Commission and Germany are fully aware that this will commit the EU to mass migration on a grand scale. They want to do it for Merkel’s legacy. 😖

Open borders and multicult are the altars upon which they worship.

Don’t let this EU migration genie out of the bottle…there is no going back.