EU states cooperating informally to deny refugees asylum rights

EU states cooperating informally to deny refugees asylum rights

The European nation-states starting to defy Brussels, the Council of Europe (COE), and far-left activists (masquerading as reporters).

European nation-states unofficially start to work together with their own techniques to battle mass migration.

The pushbacks will have to intensify and spread out further; perhaps a coalition of the ‘unwilling’. What Italy, Germany, and France are doing with the ‘rescue and relocate’ operation is an abomination.

The original Balkan route closure of 2015 (Merkel opposed, saying it’s “not my Europe”) actually pre-dated the over-hyped Turkey deal and already started to stem the flow before Merkel shamelessly tried to take credit. This did not involve the EU.

The cultural Marxists at the COE are upset, but pushbacks are becoming the new normal at different borders…Italy, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary.

The V4 Report believes the so-called ‘chain pushbacks’ are critical as well…to push the aggressive males all the way to the South to where they first entered.

Unlike relocations, which are said to relieve pressure (it just lures more illegals), this could force Greece and Italy to start denying entry and deporting them out of Europe. They would have to adjust and Greece already has somewhat…but this can have a ‘domino effect, where one country shuts its borders in response to another’s action to do the same.

The EU, especially Germany, has just exacerbated the crisis. There is far too much EU solidarity when it comes to migration. The European nation-states have more at stake than Brussels and can act quicker without adhering to counterproductive protocols from Brussels. If Brussels wants to help, it can link all foreign aid to a recipient country’s willingness to take back their deported citizens.

Dunja Mijatović (COE clerk) wants the government of Greece to properly investigate the pushbacks.

She should get used to it. The COE, UN, and Brussels have done nothing to defend Europe…the illegals are their priority. The primary obligation of Greece and other nation-states is to defend their people, culture, and way of life. It’s called self-preservation.
Let the pushbacks continue…it is the only way to properly defend the borders and the international bodies are powerless to stop it. There just is too much support in Europe, even if acknowledged quietly, for pushbacks.

Besides, these clowns at the Guardian are professional open-border hustlers and actually get their so-called testimony from the aggressive illegals themselves. Not sure if they even believe their rehearsed testimonies, but it does not matter when one has an agenda to push.
The question: Is it possible in the long-term to resist mass migration and multicult while maintaining “member state” status inside the woke EU project.

We do not think the EU can be changed but one thing is clear…Brussels does not have what it takes to stop this insanity.
Time to move onwards and upwards.