EU Must Realize “Relocation Quotas” Will Only Make Migrant Crisis Worse

EU Must Realize “Relocation Quotas” Will Only Make Migrant Crisis Worse

Well, the EU had another “Summit”; their pontification is always so predictable. Once again, we heard the same old EU slogans of “solidarity” and “relocation” – as migrants from all over continue to swamp Europe via the surrendered border in Italy. Something seems missing.

Amazingly, there are no plans to deny entry at the source. Deporting a few Afghans to try to convince German voters that Angela Merkel has things under control is laughable.
The external border remains open, despite the shock of some 2,000,000 migrants entering Europe over the last two years.

Bottom line: The EU and Chancellor Merkel have no intention of any meaningful deportation or to stop the entry of additional migrants. If they were sincere, they would have done this a year ago. Europe has long passed the critical stage.

Angela Merkel envisioned one solution from day one: A forced, permanent mechanism to redistribute the migrants (quotas) to every EU state. They simply have no courage or will to stop the boats. Migrant quotas are their cop-out for not securing the border.

Redistribution is the worst message one could send. It will continue to lure the migrants and enable the smugglers (just get inside Europe, they won’t send us back). Migrant quotas will guarantee a limitless amount of migrants and an endless supply of quotas.

There is a reason why the V4 and CEE states are drawing a “red line” on migrant quotas. They know, once started, the quotas will never end. They also know – once flooded with mass migration – like Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany, it is too late to save one’s culture and way of life.

The V4 must continue to defy the EU relocation quotas at all cost. If they persevere, Merkel and Italy will be forced to secure the border and deny entry. If they give in, even one inch, they will eventually become another mere EU subject, losing their Soul to the black hole of the multicult global village.

Fight on V4, Europeans are depending on you.