EU still thinks it can “manage” migration?

EU still thinks it can “manage” migration?

Does the EU still think it can “manage” migration?

Not sure who plays “the game” better…the illegals or the EU?

The bloc just wasted 88 million euros in assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help “manage” migration there for the last three years. It did not work out very well.

It has been more like a temporary stopover until the illegals eventually cross the borders into the EU. Notice how the illegals insist on being near the Croatian border.

The EU must focus on the points of entry (Greece being one) and deporting the illegals out of Europe. However, after five+ years of being warned about this, one realizes that this is not in the EU cards. The EU has a different agenda 👉 relocation, relocation, relocation…

Even outside its territory, the EU is urging the authorities in BiH to ensure that the burden of the migrant crisis is evenly distributed across the country, even when they know the illegals will not stay in the country.

But Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of the tripartite Bosnian presidency, is pushing-back and reiterated that no illegal migrant camps will be set up in the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity.

“It is very important to stick to our policy that we do not want to accept migrants on the territory of Republika Srpska,” Dodik told SRNA news agency.

He said that the illegals are not Bosnia’s problem, but that of the EU, “and it should take full responsibility for that problem”.
** He does have a point, considering the illegals enter via EU Greece and desire EU Germany. But why should the illegals be allowed to be a burden on any country?

They are not refugees in need, but opportunists looking to take advantage of a weak EU.

Maybe Berlin and Brussels can give an explanation of their ‘end game’ here. What is the purpose of managing migration if one refuses to deport the illegals?

Think about it…within a year and 88,000,000 euros later, these illegals will be roaming the EU towards their preferred destination.

Not exactly a great investment, unless one desires to commit the EU to mass migration through a revolving door.