Battle for Europe Escalates as EU threatens V4-CEE States over Migrant Quotas

Battle for Europe Escalates as EU threatens V4-CEE States over Migrant Quotas

Note: {Readers of this publication are quite familiar with our stance on EU “relocation” or migrant quotas. Please, we encourage one to analyze our articles from as far back as Oct.2015 to get a sense of how Merkel envisioned her plan; while minor details have changed, the issue has not}.

From Day One, Merkel’s “EU Solution” to the migrant crisis has always focused on the “distribution” of migrants across member states – as opposed to securing the border. Despite her election spin, this is still her vision: To establish both a “secure transfer route” to Europe and a permanent mechanism to “relocate” an endless flow of migrants within the EU.

Merkel and others shamelessly label this as a “shared solidarity”, but this is a nonsense and simply false. There was never any European solidarity for Open Borders, mass Muslim migration, or a multicultural village. The multicult vision of Brussels never captured the hearts and minds of Central-Eastern Europeans.

The V4 nations of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech republic – from the beginning – urged “solidarity at the border” by denying entry and setting up safe camps outside of Europe to separate the refugees in need from the migrants in want. From there, the individual nation states would choose the refugees (if any) that would be a good fit for their country. They were shocked when Merkel called for all to come (We Can Do It) and both Greece and Italy surrendered their borders. This was not the V4 vision.

If the EU wants to talk about negligence and a lack of solidarity, they can focus on Berlin, Greece and Italy. After all, the leaders of Greece and Italy exposed all in Europe by simply “waving-through” undocumented men from violent cultures to others in Europe. We have seen the blowback from the sex attacks in Cologne (and elsewhere), the terror attacks, and the violent cultural clashes throughout Western Europe. It will only get worse once the “multiplication-radicalization” affect takes its course. Solidarity does not sacrifice the safety of others in the name of “humanity”.

The V4 showed courage in defying Angela Merkel’s reckless policy, and their solutions are what is needed for a Continent in Chaos. They must continue to draw a line over migrant quotas; for once started they will never end.

EU migrant quotas: the Battle for the Soul of Europe. The V4 must continue their defiance; they have no other choice.