EU-Turkey migrant deal ‘not working properly’, says Merkel.

EU-Turkey migrant deal ‘not working properly’, says Merkel.

EU-Turkey migrant deal ‘not working properly’, says Merkel.

We knew Angela Merkel was reading the V4 Report. 😉🧐

For the past several years, we have documented this reality quite often. We provided a few examples at the bottom of the page. We just wonder what took Merkel so long to realize that Greece was not sending ‘all irregulars’ who reached Greece by sea back to Turkey?

– German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday a deal between the EU and Turkey to stem massive migrant flows is dysfunctional and criticized Greece’s legal system for underperforming on deportations.

“The Greek legal system is very complicated and somehow the sending back (of migrants) is not working,” Merkel told the students.

“Everyone knows once you’re on a Greek island, you can get to the mainland, and once you’re on the mainland you can then somehow get to Germany, Sweden, Austria or somewhere else, so then we are supporting illegal migration,” she said.

* Typical Merkel. She rightly criticizes Greece but fails to mention that Germany has been “underperforming” on deportations as well. We will not defend Greece but Merkel is disingenuous to suggest that somehow others forced Germany to support illegal migration.

However, Merkel could not resist taking an indirect shot at Hungary and the Visegrad states: “There are many Iraqis, many Afghans and many others for whom we have no solution in the deal. Europe needs to take care of that too.”

This is simply not true; only Syrian migrants were part of the one-for-one swap between Turkey and the EU, and this is not working either. There are far more (not even close to an even swap) Syrians being transferred to Europe than being sent back to Turkey.

Unfortunately, Merkel continued to pontificate utter nonsense: “It’s a bit complicated but in the long term it’s not acceptable that some European countries say this problem doesn’t interest us.”

Maybe Merkel spends too much time in Brussels, but “this problem” at the border is of huge interest to Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. They want to seal the external borders and to deny entry, even to the point of Visegrad offering border states extra police and specialists in detainment to help secure those borders. The V4 Report has also offered several posts in the past detailing the efforts of Visegrad to assist the true war refugees closer to or in their own countries.

Right now, Visegrád and others have another big interest in solving “this problem”. Implementing a permanent and ongoing mechanism to deport the illegal migrants outside of Europe.

Apparently, this “doesn’t interest some European countries”, most notably Germany and Greece, which naively believe they can wish “this problem” away by merely shuffling illegal migrants from one EU state to another.

Merkel loves to make headlines but she has no viable solutions to “this problem” she helped create. We are not sure she even knows what the problem is.

Merkel’s vision is impaired, her era is over and her legacy will be one of disgrace.