EU working on ways to ease Italy’s migrant burden

EU working on ways to ease Italy’s migrant burden

Ylva from Sweden looking for EU relocation agreements to help Italy with a flood of new arrivals. Draghi on his knees, begging others to take illegals his government granted entry to.

What is the Draghi regime doing to pushback the illegals to deny entry and to contribute to the defense of Europe? Italy is one of the weak spots in the EU, let’s be clear about this. It cannot play the same old EU public relations games (promising future returns which do not happen) while expecting things to be any different.

Let us guess: Another EU Summit announcing grand pledges with no teeth, no guarantees of returns, and of course more aid and legal pathways to EU. Some day, one will make the EU prove that it can deport in large numbers first before buying into its relocation manifesto.

👉 “I am in contact with governments to set up a network of voluntary aid, of voluntary redistribution that can help Italy throughout the summer months until we approve the EU reform,” said Ylva Johansson.

Gee, that’s a new thought…facilitating illegal migration under the guise of relocation. Italy will keep luring more illegals if it is given an outlet to send to others.

How about pushbacks? They are cheaper and much more effective than trying to outsource border control to Morocco, Tunisia, or Turkey.

So we get it now. The pro-migration government in Italy grants entry for euros and then demands that others take the illegals.
This is not a deterrent and will only encourage more illegals. How many aggressive illegals have already been ‘waved through to others unofficially by Italy since 2015? This is the real scandal.

Maybe the EU can have another self-promotional summit to feel good about themselves with Ylva as the brain trust? Maybe they can find more ways to turn illegal migration into legal migration.

The EU summits have been counterproductive or useless. It’s all rather exhausting just thinking about the futility.

The EU Migration Pact must be unconditionally defeated.