EUCO and “relocation” quotas; a one-size fits all migration disaster

EUCO and “relocation” quotas; a one-size fits all migration disaster

Angela Merkel and her Court in Brussels are very predictable. “We must act in solidarity to protect Europe’s values with an EU solution to the refugee crisis”, seems to be their mantra.  Since when does “solidarity” force member states to accept migrant quotas against their will, or face stiff sanctions? There maybe other definitions for this, but solidarity is not one of them. And who granted the Chancellor from Germany the divinity to claim she has a monopoly on “European values?” Pretty sure the 1,200 German women who were sexually assaulted by 2,000 men, mostly new immigrants and refugees, in Cologne on New Years Eve would beg to differ.  The reality: there can be no EU solution without securing the external border and denying entry.

Merkel is finally realizing she made a colossal mistake for Germany. The rich welfare afforded to the migrants in Germany acts like a magnet. With elections in 2017, Merkel realizes Germans will not tolerate much more, but she also relishes the media worship of her so-called “humanitarianism”.  Thus, she has never seriously considered limits or denying entry at the source.

Merkel’s vision was to transport the migrants safely to Europe with no limits. Once here, they could be conveniently distributed among member nations via migrant quotas.  This is what she calls solidarity; forcing other members, who called for solidarity at the border (Italy and Greece were not interested), to accept migrants they did not invite.

EUCO’s new proposal (same old quotas spinned as relocation) is her brain-child.  Amazingly, but not surprisingly, it fails to include any steps to secure the border. It does talk of trying to limit the illegal migration “inside of Europe”, but does nothing to stop the “illegals from entering Europe” to begin with.  There will be no limits, all who seek Europe can enter. The message is heard loud and clear by the human smugglers, NGOs and migrants. This will be a global, endless movement of people.

EUCO also is proposing a scheme to nullify the migration laws of all member states. The EU wants to “harmonize upwards” the welfare given to the migrants in order to prevent “benefits shopping”, where the migrants converge on the richest and most gullible states.  They intend to do this by forcing a country like the Czech republic to offer the same rich benefits as Germany. Translation: We want the relocated refugees to stay in the country of their “forced marriage”, instead of migrating around the EU for the best deal.  

However, this is not so easy.  Culture also plays a big part. Muslim migrants would not do well in Eastern Europe; there is simply no culture for them there, nor would these nations tolerate their demands for “multiculturalism” as they do in the West.  EUCO would do well to get to know the culture of the Czech Republic or Hungary; it is simply not compatible for a Muslim culture that seeks to dominate. Impossible.

EUCO must face the reality that the traditions and beliefs of the V4 and CEE nations are different than those of the West. They simply cannot force the culture of Brussels on these nations.  They will resist and defy. They have seen their cultures wiped out before and they will defend there way of life, even if it means breaking from the EU.

EUCO is trying to bail out Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Greece from the negligent choices they made.  Why should the V4, who wanted the borders sealed, accept the migrants “waved-through” by those who surrendered their borders?  Why?  Moreover, Italy is still luring more as we speak with their NGO-staged “rescue operations.”

The EUCO solution must be defied. It guarantees the border will never be secured, limitless migrants, more terrorism, and endless quotas.  Nation states, such as the V4, must bypass the EU and act on their own. This has worked before with the Balkan closing, sealing Greece without the EU’s blessing.  Austria and Switzerland (non-EU like Macedonia) can work together to seal Italy until they adjust their border attitude.

Finally, the V4 and others must simply refuse to comply with the migrant quotas or the fines. It is the only way to force Merkel and Co. to the reality that the EU border must be sealed and mass deportation (not relocation) must begin. This Plan B is the real EU solution, based on true solidarity at the border.

Angela Merkel and “the Project” are not too big to fail; certainly, they are not worth losing one’s Heart and Soul for.