EUCO’s New Refugee “Relocation” Scheme; Endless Quotas

EUCO’s New Refugee “Relocation” Scheme; Endless Quotas

#Editors note: I took a three-week break from writing. Having three young daughters who play sport in America (my oldest, 8, alone took on tennis, soccer, and softball in the spring season), it was an exhausting end of the term; but we enjoyed every minute of it. Now our summer break!

Well, it looks as though I missed Brexit (my Twitter account was still very active).  To many in Europe and the financial markets, it was as if the sky was falling.  However, as an American, I loved their independent spirit. No one knows for sure how it will work out, but one has to admire the confidence of a country to chart their own destiny. This is something EUCO will never understand.  People yearn for freedom, the ability to decide their own future.

Yet, EUCO has not learned any lessons.  Instead, in desperation mode, they seem to want more control. Next week, they intend to seek a new universal EU migrant law that will only further divide the union.  They will claim it’s not about “quotas” but what else is a law that forces all member states into a binding formula to “relocate” all migrants in the EU to each Nation State?

This should be rejected and even defied if passed.  One only has to look at the open border in Italy to realize what this means.  This law will be a magnet to lure more migrants from Africa and elsewhere. ‘Just Reach Europe’ and you will be taken care of.  EUCO has no plans for limits or to deny entry.  They only seek a “secured escape route” to transport the migrants to Europe. The huge numbers do not phase EUCO.  Once here, the migrants would be conveniently “relocated”, along with the ones already here, to the other states based on some formula Jean Claude-Juncker dreamed up.

This would be a catastrophe for Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech republic, and the other CEE states.  Their culture, customs, and way of life differ greatly from Western Europe.  Multiculturalism is not present in the Czech Republic nor would it be tolerated.  Arabs from Kuwait are slowly infiltrating a spa town called Teplice.  But their culture is different and their actions have caused tensions with the locals. Females have been harassed.  Arabs enter the spa waters fully clothed. In addition, it is no secret that Saudi Arabia invested heavily in France and funded many mosques and other things.  Many of France’s problems today with extremism and terrorism can be traced to the Gulf influence.  EUCO needs to realize East is not West and the Czech republic is not France.

The V4 culture is priceless; multiculturalism is not the God they worship.  They lead peaceful lives and they feel safe in their streets.  The V4 sees the results of multiculturalism in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, etc. and, while wishing them “luck”, have no desire to expose their citizens to that type of mayhem.  Nothing wrong with that.

EUCO and Merkel need to realize this is a dead end; no V4 government would survive by accepting this “Munich-type” diktat.  Angela Merkel needs to admit she made a colossal mistake.  She cannot just “quota” her way out of it.  She owes it to the people of Germany and Europe to either resign or find a solution with others based on the reality and reliability of a secure external border.

The V4 leaders must realize too that they have the leverage and can force her hand (and Italy’s) by rejecting the quotas.  Without others to pass the buck to, both Merkel and Renzi would be forced to seal the border and begin “real” deportation (as opposed to relocation) or they would find themselves overwhelmed.  If Merkel and Germany still needed foreign labor, they could choose to transport the refugees themselves from the camps in the Middle East instead of trying to force others to accept their vision.

Some things in life are too precious to lose.  For the V4, the multicultural mandate from the EU is not worth losing your Soul.  Defying Merkel on “relocation quotas” maybe the knock-out punch Europe needs to finally move on from her.

Fight like champions today V4; our children are counting on you!