Europe facing three big challenges but EU not up to the task.

Europe facing three big challenges but EU not up to the task.

Europe facing three big challenges but EU not up to the task.

1. NGO migrant transfer ships: Frontex said fewer than a half of migrants disembark in official sites in Italy that ensure security screening and basic identification.

The bloc has been critical of several NGOs that have moved much closer to the Libyan shores to pull people from the water, saying it has only helped the smugglers make more money and complicated attempts by EU‘s police and coast guards to control the situation.

About a fifth of the search and rescue operations between Italy and Libya are now carried out by NGOs.

“A year or two ago, they were taking place half way between Libya and Italy. Now its in Libyan waters, very close to the Libyan shore,” Leggeri said.

* Until Europe grounds the NGOs and punishes the countries sponsoring the vessels, the NGOs will keep creating the demand while only getting bolder and more aggressive.

2. African and Middle East countries which refuse to take back citizens: Frontex said the whole bloc deported only 176,000 migrants last year…but an overwhelming majority of these returns are of nationals from Europe, the Western Balkans. (That’s the easy part, but with enlargement and the heavy Muslim majorities in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia….well, it gets complicated.)

The more complicated deportations to the Middle East or Africa are not occurring in any meaningful way. Of course, there is little cooperation from the countries of origin, who often refuse (they find any excuse) to take back its citizens.

* But why does Europe ask permission? Perhaps they need to study Erdogan, who does not ask France for permission when deporting “citizen jihadists” back to Macron. Erdogan sends them back and correctly states that “it is not his problem” what France decides to do with the deportees once they reach its borders. After all, they are French and not citizens of Turkey.

Europe must do the same; it’s a matter of self-preservation.

3. EU Commissioners with portfolios responsible for migration are from Sweden and Greece, both who talk “sharing mechanisms” instead of deportations outside of Europe. What was von der Leyen thinking? Perhaps, she too does not view the situation in Sweden as a problem? This was irresponsible, mindless and a sign that she has not changed from her multicultural ways.

Deep down, Brussels and the von der Leyen Commission simply lack the will to stop migration; rather they seek to “manage it”, whatever this means. The will is simply lacking…or the problem would not have persisted for years with no end in sight.

In the end, many forces wish to commit the EU to mass migration, including many inside Brussels itself.

The EU has no solution, and does not view this as a crisis. Sure, they will give “lip service” to securing borders or beefing up Frontex…but their proposals lack substance and are only designed to try to calm the public while preventing leaders like Matteo Salvini from returning to power.

Brexit may not solve the blowback to decades of mass migration in the UK….it is already flooded. However, it may give inspiration to the V4 and CEE states to exit…before it is too late.

The V4 Report has zero confidence in the EU, nor do we believe it is possible to reform the leviathan with enlargement or any other schemes.