Europe needs more of this. Salvini blasts Macron, says, “Italy is not your refugee camp”.

Europe needs more of this.  Salvini blasts Macron, says, “Italy is not your refugee camp”.

Europe needs more of this. Salvini blasts Macron, says, “Italy is not your refugee camp”.

Prior to the EU Summit, Salvini and Visegrad were very effective at keeping him small with constant counter punches.

Macron was dead, but somehow was gifted too much at the EU jobs Summit. This was a mistake to indirectly strengthen Macron. He is the biggest threat to Europe and his vision is out of touch with those outside of Brussels.

Visegrad and Orban must also realize that there are many Timmermans-types throughout the EU that will be coming after them, including the French President. He needs to be put back in his place.

Good for Salvini to start knocking him around again.

– Salvini: “He was surprised because I didn’t sign the document and I didn’t go to Paris. But look at that oddity. Apart from the fact that no minister has gone to Paris because Paris is not the center of the world and Macron is the new Napoleon who summons, invites, warns, threat, insults … My friend, you already have a few problems in your house. Take care of the French and Italy will never be your refugee camp. Do you want the ports open? But there is the port of Marseilles, of Corsica, there is a huge France , supportive, generous and welcoming that depends on your words, your laws and your decisions. Don’t come to stress us…You demand that we sign a document on the basis of which ships arrive at the nearest port, that is, in Italy, and then afterwards you decide where these people may go: you are wrong to understand. You found the wrong minister, the wrong party and the wrong country. Because Italians are no longer willing to be anyone’s colony, to be anyone’s servants or slaves.”

– Salvini also questioned the appointments in the EU: “For this I did not understand the support of the Five Star Movement to the new European commissioner imposed by Macron and Merkel. This is not exactly Europe of the future I have in mind, where Merkel and Macron decide and the others just sign in. No, I don’t care if there is any armchair at stake, I don’t sell out my country, my dignity, my future, and the possibility of changing the rules of this Europe for the future of my children in exchange for an armchair “.

Finally he concludes: “So the summons of Mr. Macron are either made for a shared reason and with education, otherwise we are not the dames of anyone’s company. If you want to open the ports, open the French ports “.

* Someday soon, somehow, Salvini and Visegrád must come together with other defenders of the nation states to challenge and repudiate Macron.

Macron is making his move to try to lead Europe down a dark path. It’s time to take off the gloves 🛎🤛