Europe needs ‘renaissance,’ says Polish PM after talks on new alliance

Europe needs ‘renaissance,’ says Polish PM after talks on new alliance

Just the beginning.
Europe needs ‘renaissance,’ says Polish PM after talks on a new alliance.

The left-wing EU media is anxious to dismiss this meeting, acting as if something official should have happened after one meeting.
Even the V4 Report (not known for patience 😂) realizes that it does not work this way.
However, we remain very optimistic because the main obstacle has finally been removed: Orban and Fidesz have left the EPP Party and are now free to pursue other options.

That was the first step that needed to take place. The EPP is not a party of the right (Top09 😂) but Germany’s tool for a federal EU.

1. We understand that this is not an easy process and that this planning could go on for months…but time is not exactly a luxury either, especially with the EU migration pact on the horizon.
In our opinion, instead of trying to merge the ECR Group (PiS, Meloni, VOX) and ID Group (Salvini), which will be difficult, it may be more prudent to take a smaller second step first.
Instead of Salvini (Lega) joining the ECR Group, we believe they should remain with ID, especially if ECR membership would mean excluding Meloni, whose party is already a member. We do not see this as a realistic option, plus it would be very unwise.
(Quite frankly, we are not convinced this is accurate either and have never heard this demand from Salvini himself, but only the media, which is always trying to divide the right.)
Nevertheless, Meloni must stay. Moreover, this could endanger the future dream of a Salvini/Meloni ruling Italian government in 2023.

2. We think it’s vital that Salvini remains the main leader of the ID Group. Some may not like this statement, but LePen and others do not have the same clout or political impact as Salvini. They just don’t; Salvini makes this group more relevant.
Instead, Viktor Orban should join the PiS and Meloni in the ECR Group (national conservatives). It is a more natural fit for Fidesz.
There is no reason, at least not today, that the two groups have to merge in order to work together, as the media implies. After all, the EPP, Renew Europe and Socialists work together in different groups, and they managed to dominate the 2019 EU jobs summit, much to our disdain.
In fact, both the EPP and Renew Europe refused to even field candidates for EU Parliament president; instead, both struck a deal with the Socialists to support its candidate, David Sassoli.

3. Too many get caught up with the differences regarding Russia as it pertains to Poland and Italy. But in all reality, Poland relies much more on NATO than a useless EU when it comes to national security. Moreover, the Russian card has not prevented the PiS and Orban from becoming strong allies.
The PiS and Salvini have many other things in common regarding the internal policies inside the EU that they need to work together on to provide a counterbalance to Germany and France.

4. We see Viktor Orban as the key link and one of the few personalities that can effectively bring the two parties together ( in separate groups) to work on the many vital issues for Europe that they all agree upon.

The V4 Report looks forward to commenting on the situation as time passes. We have a feeling variables will change over the next months, including the outcome surrounding the unjust trial of Salvini in Italy.

Our immediate advice for the short-term: Forget about waiting to meet again in May; instead, convene sooner to focus on a plan to defeat the EU migration pact being drawn up by Ylva from Sweden and Merkel’s Grand Coalition in Berlin.
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