Europe rights envoy says freedoms worsening in Slovenia

Europe rights envoy says freedoms worsening in Slovenia

Slovenia: Jansa government answers the shameless attacks from the Council of Europe’s (COE) self-proclaimed ‘human rights envoy’ regarding freedom of expression.

Both the COE and their EU partners want to determine political correct speech to silence its critics. They do not like when their media mercenaries in the EU are called to account for their blatant activism, which often amounts to cheap propaganda.

Freedom of expression includes challenging lazy and biased reporters with an agenda to push.

– “Any criticism leveled at the concrete coverage of the media by politicians and the prime minister cannot in any way be considered as an attack on media freedom and the independence of journalistic work,” the government said. “Freedom of expression is a right that belongs to everyone, including the government and its representatives, and does not end with high rhetoric, but also includes critical expression.”

The EU and COE want to ‘spoon-feed’ Europe with its leftist narrative and groupthink. Bravo to Jansa and Orban for their healthy dose of defiance, which is in short supply around the world.

The V4 and CEE states need to exit this organization (COE) filled with unaccountable cultural Marxists. It is a bizarre body that offers no positive benefits but only attacks the integrity of the nation-state at every level.

It’s also home to the ECHR, the court which handcuffs states from defending borders.

Why give credibility to this organization and its court, which are intent on wiping-out the European nation-state?