European countries must change migration policies immediately

European countries must change migration policies immediately

The Council of Europe (COE) should change its name; its agenda is at war with the European nation-states.

None of these cultural Marxists were elected by Europeans. No wonder the Soros networks have great influence at the COE.

Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, proclaims her migration manifesto for Europe:
👉 The Commissioner renews her call on Council of Europe member states to implement swiftly her recommendations to ensure the preservation of human life and the protection of the human rights of people in distress at sea.

In particular, she recommends guaranteeing the presence of adequate and sufficient state-led search and rescue capacity at sea; ensuring safe and prompt disembarkation of those rescued; allowing NGOs involved in search and rescue activities or human rights monitoring to carrying out their work; ending pushbacks and other actions that expose refugees and migrants to return to serious human rights violations, and expanding safe and legal routes. 👈

Anything else?

As we said before, there are no positive aspects of belonging to the COE, which all EU states are members of. One is free to withdraw from the COE and the jurisdiction of its ECHR.

It’s long past due.