Europe’s New Right and nationalist leaders gather in attempt to forge new alliance. 👍

Europe’s New Right and nationalist leaders gather in attempt to forge new alliance. 👍
Europe’s New Right and nationalist leaders gather in attempt to forge new alliance. 👍
Egos, personalities, posturing and national politics may get in the way…plus, the numbers need to grow because the right is attacked by four different EU parties (similar to election situation in Hungary and Poland).
* It’s a great idea – although late in the game – that the V4 Report was pushing for in 2019 to combat the Grand Coalition alliance (at the EU level) of the EPP, Socialists, Renew Europe and Greens.
Yet, too much emphasis is placed on uniting the right into one group, instead of expanding the numbers (new blood) within the two groups to not only work together, but to also have the numbers required to take on the Grand Coalition of EU federalists and neocons.
For example, Donald Tusk’s EPP Group and the Red Socialists work together effectively all the time to push their ‘superstate’ agenda, even making back room deals involving ‘show elections’ of the EU Parliament President (Currently Sassoli but Metsola will be next…outcome already known before the election 🤫).
Orban should join the ECR Group (his natural base) with the PiS of Poland and Meloni of Italy. There they could work with the ID party. But more importantly, Orban could focus on the main issue, attracting new members to the ECR, by recruiting parties to defect from the EPP and other establishment parties to join the cause. For instance, what is Jansa doing in Slovenia?
Right now, united or not, the numbers need to grow because, in effect, national conservatives are battling four different EU parties, all which will work together to blackball the right.
** The main questions involve the two from Italy (Salvini and Meloni) who were missing.
Hopefully, Meloni will be included, and this is just an oversight, but it’s hard to justify including LePen but not Meloni, who has far more potential than many others in attendance.
** Salvini, for sure, was not there, which is not a surprise, given Lega’s continued search for a new identity. 🙄
Salvini’s party, the League, put out a statement saying that “the time needs to be right” for the launch of a new group. Not sure what Lega is waiting for, unless they believe it may upset Draghi.
Lega seems obsessed with not upsetting Master Draghi of Italy, yet it’s recent pivot (strategy) to a more pro-EU party did not work out as planned, as the party has fallen behind both Meloni and the Socialists.
Our take: Lega is trying to play both sides for political purposes. One could even surmise (V4 Report’s own opinion) that Lega would have considered joining the EPP Party if their numbers jumped as a result of embracing Draghi’s government, but this did not work out as planned. So Salvini has also kept one foot inside the Orban camp. It’s hard to decipher the direction of Lega at this time.
*** If Lega eventually comes on board, this would be a positive, but it cannot be at the expense of Meloni and the Brothers of Italy, who we believe must be involved.
The best situation is to involve both of them (they will need each other in Italy) so they can work together with an agreement that the party that receives the most votes in their coalition gets the PM spot in Italy (assuming they win, which is not a solid as it was months ago) to avoid the recent games being played by Salvini.
Of course, with all the different personalities and egos involved, we think it’s best for Orban and the PiS of Poland to assume the major leadership roles within this group…if it’s formed. Maybe we are missing something, but these two carry the most weight and influence among nationalists inside the EU.
We will see what happens with Salvini, but nothing would surprise us at this point. But this new coalition needs to move-on with or without Lega. Time is not an ally.