Juncker invites eurosceptic Visegrad nations to meet for dinner

Juncker invites eurosceptic Visegrad nations to meet for dinner

* EU’s Juncker invites eurosceptic Visegrad nations to meet for dinner in an effort to ease tensions between them and western member states.

** It will take more than dinner to ease the tensions between the two groups. Brussels must realize there is no “European Solidarity” for mass migration and open-borders. This was a myth invented by Angela Merkel to suit her own agenda.

We believe the EU, especially Ministers Frans Timmermans and Dimitris Avramopoulos, will need to adjust their attitudes when dealing with Visegrad. The overzealous attacks aimed at isolating Hungary and Poland over their internal policies will need to come to an end. Europe’s strength and foundation are its nation states, not the regime of unelected clerks in Brussels.

*** Brussels hopes a reinvigorated Paris-Berlin alliance can help usher in reforms needed for the bloc to thrive despite Brexit.

“The Franco-German axis is promising to be the strongest in years. They (the easterners) either play along that – or they lose,” a senior EU diplomat said.

With arrogant statements such as these from nameless EU diplomats, we do not see much hope for progress. The “delusions of grandeur” emanating from some clerks in Brussels is nauseating.

**** France is no longer a powerhouse and their economy remains sluggish. The French economy is set to grow 1.7% this year, its highest rate since 2011 but is still lagging the euro zone average. Moreover, France has been under a state of emergency since 2015 due to ongoing terror attacks. Emmanuel Macron cannot even clean-up Calais, where aggressive male migrants put drivers at risk by erecting “barricades” across the roadways. It appears Macron is attempting to enact reforms in Brussels that may stifle the competitiveness of Central Europe.

***** We remain perplexed that some consider the V4 as “weaker states”. Yes, most have developing economies, but the V4 nations posses some of the fastest growth economies in the EU. Through internal reforms, they have managed to create attractive environments for foreign investment while defending and maintaining their culture, identity and sovereignty. Their people feel secure and there are no cultural clashes in the lands of Visegrad.

If Juncker is coming to listen to the concerns of Visegrad, he will find an open audience. However, if he intends to utilize the arrogant strategy of Emmanuel Macron, who came across as “small and pompous”, he will achieve little.

Instead of attacking Visegrad, we believe it’s time for the leaders of Brussels to start listening to them. They could use a few lessons on “how things are done” in Central Europe. One cannot argue with their success.