Exceptional words from Slovenian PM Janez Janša. 👍

Exceptional words from Slovenian PM Janez Janša. 👍

Exceptional words from Slovenian PM Janez Janša. 👍


Admittedly, the V4 Report sees little substance, integrity or potential in Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. He reminds one of Andrej Plenkovic, just another EPP opportunist easily duped and manipulated by Brussels. One can look at his actions and words during the initial phrase of the 2015-16 illegal migrant crisis. He was squarely with Merkel and against “building fences”.  


Unlike Vučić, Janša is principled, genuine and a real national conservative one can engage in battle with.  The V4 Report was impressed with his speech, especially his reference regarding Cultural Marxism “as the main threat to Europe”.  One needs to hear more of this direct talk.


– The speech of the Slovenian PM should therefore be understood as the official position of the Slovenian government:


“Ideologically, the main threat to Europe is Cultural Marxism. I have been following what has been going on and I can clearly see the same formula, which was written in Communist Manifesto, written 200 and some years ago.”


“To create a new world you need to dismantle family, private property, private schools, religion. And this is going on now. And it is obvious, there is massive offensive going on through mass media, universities, cultural industry, multinational institutions, some political parties. Everyone who stands against it is called a fascist, populist and heavily attacked from all sides.”


“And we need a more united front against this, because this is the key issue, this is a battle for our way of life, this is the battle for Western civilization and in this battle much more is at stake than institutions only or EU only.”


According to Janša, the main problem within this “battle for Western civilization” is the demographic issue, as “if there are no Europeans, if there is no population which is sharing our values then everything is lost”.


Janša said the answer to European problems is returning to the original European values, and then to “fight for our people, for our nations, for our freedom, for our way of life and for our future” which is a “noble challenge” of today’s “European central right, the Christian Democrats”.


* Janša is correct…and we find him to be both sincere and courageous.  However, we believe this fight will have to take place outside of the EPP, which is now the party Tusk and Merkel. 


Besides Janša and Orban, there is nothing left to preserve in the EPP, which no longer represents either the centre-right or Christian Democrats.


In our opinion, the EPP is an obstacle used by Germany to prevent a serious challenge from emerging on the right on an EU level.  Unfortunately, they have succeeded, linking up to work with Socialists, Greens and EU federalists.


The EPP is the largest party and has been the majority during the last five years.  From Juncker to Merkel to von der Leyen, the results are not impressive.


Time to move on to another front…the ECR Group.