Federica Mogherini: “Illegal migration is a new form of slavery”. The former “youth communist” from Italy may want to think twice about her statement.

Federica Mogherini:  “Illegal migration is a new form of slavery”.  The former “youth communist” from Italy may want to think twice about her statement.

* Federica Mogherini: “Illegal migration is a new form of slavery”. The former “youth communist” from Italy may want to think twice about her statement.

** We highlighted this story on Federica Mogherini not so much for its odd content, but to give our readers an idea of some of the radical leaders in Brussels making decisions for Europe. Juncker, Timmermans, Tusk, Avramopoulos, Verhofstadt, Jourova, Mogherini, and many of the EU leaders espouse beliefs deeply at odds with Central Europe. Whatever they may think of themselves, we remain extremely uncomfortable with this group and do not believe they represent the values in which Europe was built upon.

*** During a debate at the European Parliament on Tuesday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that illegal immigration managed by mafias is “a new form of slavery”. What does she call illegal migration “managed” by Brussels and the NGOs?

It is Brussels that has encouraged and supported human trafficking:

1. Angela Merkel called the illegal migrants to Germany, proclaiming, “We can do it.” Some may have been “refugees” when they landed in Greece, but they became illegal migrants once they decided to leave Greece for economic opportunities.

2. The leaders of Italy and Greece surrendered the external borders, thereby encouraging the smugglers to target the weak points.

3. The NGOs provided huge incentives for migrants worldwide to travel to Libya by picking them up very close to the Libyan border. From there, the NGOs transported the migrants all the way to Italy instead of directing them to closer ports in Africa. If the Italian border was sealed, the migrants would have no reason to travel to Libya. Their beaches were not meant for vacation.

4. The UN and Angela Merkel are now seeking to expand and enlarge the EU relocation program to include countries from Africa and persons in “refugee-like” situations. Merkel believes “solidarity” grants her the right to determine the definition of a refugee.

5. The EU draws up a “euros for migrants” plan to pay a nation 60,000 euros for each new migrant received, thereby opening up a black hole of bribery, extortion, blackmail and corruption. Any European leader that participates in this abomination should be openly protested in the streets and forced to resign. Through this “euros for migrants” lottery, the EU is asking the states to indirectly participate in the crime of human trafficking. What else does one call this scheme? It is shameful.

It seems the mafia “managing migration” has their base located in Brussels.

**** Mogherini also emphasized the worn-out EU slogan calling for “clear, safe and legal channels” for those in need of international protection to come to Europe. “It is a thorny issue, but we must insist,” said the EU Commissioner.

We are not sure where Mogherini will find refugees in need of international protection in Libya. Up to 95% are economic migrants, not refugees in need of protection. Why else do they all seek rich welfare states like Germany and Sweden?

“But we must insist”, she says. Insist on what? Transferring illegal migrants to Europe and then altering the definition of a refugee to include illegal migrants in “refugee-like” situations?

No so fast Federica. The people of Europe are insisting that you seal the borders, deport the migrants outside of Europe and end the madness of relocation quotas.

Illegal migration is a crime, not a form of slavery. To compare the two is ludicrous. The only form of slavery is the totalitarian regime in Brussels attempting to force CEE nation states to accept “EU values” which are hostile to their beliefs and way of life.

While Mogherini and the other cultural Marxists in Brussels were dancing with the communists in their youth, the V4 and CEE states were resisting and fighting to overthrow a “form of slavery” called communism. It looks like they will have to do it again.