Few realize how radical this new (vdL) von der Leyen Commission is…

Few realize how radical this new (vdL) von der Leyen Commission is…

Few realize how radical this new (vdL) von der Leyen Commission is…

Unfortunately, some are also “over-hyping” her for domestic politics. This will backfire.

* V4 Report on Twitter: vdLCommission expanding EU scope and powers already.

“European borders are a matter of common concern…gearing up to ‘manage’ them in a more European way”. – M. Schinas from Greece is now the Commission’s propaganda Minister for ‘Promoting the European Way of Life’. (Actually they should use EU not European.)

Sweden’s Y. Johansson is the Minister for Migration and Security (from Sweden 🙈): “In the implementation of the reinforced Agency, protection of fundamental rights will be priority.”

Wow, of course they are talking about this new EU super-agency involving their own coast guard. In the past, Frontex has assisted the NGOS with “rescues”…and of course Matteo Salvini had to kick out von der Leyen’s crews from Germany (Salvini-style, he sent her ships to non-smuggling routes 😂), which were involved with “rescues” in Italy.

The last thing national border police need are EU employees with boots on ground (and instructions from Brussels) gearing up to ‘manage’ migration & national borders the ‘EU way’.

Protecting the so-called fundamental rights of whom at the border? What about defending Europeans from aggressive male migrants from alien cultures!

Can’t wait for EUCourts to get involved too. 😬

** Matteo Salvini and the leaders of ECR Group were correct to reject von der Leyen; there were no top jobs for Central Europe and Salvini and the League were blackballed, which effectively allowed the establishment parties to split and weaken the right.

But, CZ PM Andrej Babis says von der Leyen understands the region…well, so does Vera Jourova (anti-Poland, anti-Hungary) who was born in Czechia. This is a useless statement. Juncker also once said he was not an EU federalist when begging for votes.