Fidesz: ‘Pro-Migration Majority Forced through’ EP Migrant Visa Proposal.

Fidesz: ‘Pro-Migration Majority Forced through’ EP Migrant Visa Proposal.

Fidesz: ‘Pro-Migration Majority Forced through’ EP Migrant Visa Proposal.

Can the EU be reformed even with positive results in the 2019 elections?

* One fact struck the V4 Report more than anything else: the proposal was accepted with 429 votes in favour, 194 against and 41 abstentions.

This is not a majority but a landslide…and it is not a small issue but another radical measure by the EP to commit Europe to mass migration.

The EU Parliament disaster will increase migration, flooding Europe with more illegal migrants who will eventually be transformed into legal migrants. Does it really matter how they are categorized? In the overwhelming majority of cases, once in, the migrants are often here to stay, whether they are legal or not. “EU migrants are here to stay”, Dimitris Avramopoulos declared months ago. Apparently, he was correct.

Many are banking on the 2019 elections to reform the EU. We are not as optimistic.

There will have to be massive turnovers to conquer the current radical pro-migration forces of the EP. Plus, Angela Merkel’s ally, Manfred Weber, is not reform, but more Germany and more EU.

While Visegrád and the CEE/Three Seas states may fare well, we do not share this same confidence regarding the West EU bloc. Nor do we think the EPP Party can be reformed. This is the base of Donald Tusk and Andrej Plenkovic.

Hopefully, we are wrong but we do not envision an EU solution regarding migration, nor do we believe the current make-up of the Union is sustainable in the long run. The differences in values and beliefs run too deep between the West EU bloc and the CEE region. Plus the demographics in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, etc. are not getting any better.

Eventually, the union may have to break into smaller, less-intrusive regional alliances that better reflect the beliefs and culture of its people. This is the way the world is heading.

The EU Project is dying from cowardice, internal weakness and a lack of self-confidence (although this is masked with heavy vanity). Visegrad and others in CEE must build and strengthen the Three Seas alliance rather than accepting the multicult migration agenda of Brussels and the West EU bloc. Once multicult societies take root, it is often already too late.

** The resolution concerns the creation of a visa for migrants making asylum requests at EU embassies in countries outside the bloc. The visa would allow asylum seekers to enter the EU so they can submit their requests for asylum.

Again, once migrants enter Europe, the vast majority are not sent back, even if they do not qualify. By allowing migrants to enter Europe first, the EU is repeating the same mistakes of the open-border policy of 2015-2016, when illegal migrants were granted entry before determining if they were eligible.

Like today, there was also no permanent and ongoing mechanism in place to deport the illegal migrants outside of Europe. This has not changed and there is no plan.

Ask Germany or Sweden how one deports an illegal migrant from Africa?

The sad part: Even if they knew how, their governments lack the will and courage to do so.…/