Fidesz to quit Merkel’s EPP group before accepting suspension

Fidesz to quit Merkel’s EPP group before accepting suspension

Finally 🙏… Orbán says Fidesz will quit Merkel’s EPP group before accepting suspension.

But this has been going on for years and unfortunately, we are skeptical that it will actually happen.

In Sunday’s letter, Orbán said Fidesz would quit merely upon approval of the new suspension process.

“I want to inform you, Mr. Chairman, that if the provisions accepted at the meeting of the Presidency and of Head of national delegations on February 26 are put to a vote and adopted, Fidesz will leave the Group,” Orbán wrote in the letter.

Othmar Karas, a liberal Austrian member of the EPP with heavy influence over Sebastian Kurz said, “We will not allow Orbán to blackmail us,” Karas said. “The EPP Group will go ahead with the planned changes to the rules.”

The V4 Report, from our very beginnings, never trusted or supported the EPP Group, which was designed by Merkel & Co (specifically Germany’s CDU) to divide and weaken national conservatives in an effort to keep them from challenging the agenda of the EU Grand Coalition (EPP-Socialists-Greens-EU federalists).

While some old and rotten doors may close, better opportunities will always be available to those who seize the moment to move forward.