Fidesz’s response to the EPP Inquisition (article below).

Fidesz’s response to the EPP Inquisition (article below).

Fidesz’s response to the EPP Inquisition (article below).

* Our concern is not Viktor Orban. He has his own unique and refreshing style…and has been the most reliable and consistent leader in Europe.

Yes, we would rather see him elsewhere (we believe this will happen soon after the elections) but whatever cards he decides to play, the V4 Report will continue to back him. With Orban, unlike some others, one knows where he stands and what he believes in. Whether with the EPP or not, Viktor Orban transcends party politics and can always be counted on to fight for the cause. Deep down, he knows who his true allies are…and vice-versa.

** Our focus is Manfred Weber and the EPP (as one may have realized by now 😎). We do not believe the status quo – where the EPP works with Socialists, ALDE liberals and Greens – will change the direction of the EU. In fact, it may only solidify and strengthen the influence of Brussels and Berlin.

While these elections are vital, one must focus on the long term. One election will not tame the beast in Brussels, especially if the debate continues to take place on the left side of the field.

We do not believe the EPP can be rebuilt into a viable party of the Right. The foundation has been weakened and the party has moved to the left over the years, which would be expected from a “big tent” approach that includes liberals from Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium, Greece and yes, Angela Merkel’s CDU.

As evidenced by its lust to use Article 7 and veneration of Frontex and other ‘EU Institutions’, we believe the EPP will continue to seek to expand the power and scope of Brussels at the expense of the European nation states.

We saw first hand how US neocons hijacked and destroyed the authentic conservative movement in America by utilizing the “lesser of two evils” approach. At best, it only delays the inevitable; at worst, it prevents a viable alternative from emerging to offer “real and substantial” change.

** What if Frans Timmermans and the Socialists win? Quite frankly, that movement is dead, bankrupt and out of touch with mainstream Europe. The elections over the past few years proved this. They have been decimated across Europe.

Moreover, we do not fear a match-up with fanatics such as Timmermans, Verhofstadt, Sargentini, Swedish leftists or Macron. In fact, their pure and unbridled radicalism openly reveals their extreme agenda that has already been rejected all over Europe. Macron carries little respect or influence outside of Brussels (not even in France), and has been beaten-down by both Salvini and Visegrad.

In fact, this radical scenario of Timmermans and his fellow travelers would likely frighten mainstream Europe, opening up a golden opportunity for the new united right lead by Salvini, Orban, PiS and FPO of Austria.

New and developing parties of the right are emerging across Europe and there will be true conservatives dissatisfied with the EPP’s lurch to the left that will switch allegiances. Yet, these new players will need the support of the Big Four, who have all already established their credibility and influence (all either lead or are part of ruling coalitions), to help them grow stronger in their own countries.

*** In our opinion, the EPP, masquerading as conservatives, offer the biggest challenge. Even their slogans (strengthen borders to better ‘manage’ migration 🤨) are tricky for the general public to decipher. Yet, we know exactly what they mean.

Our concern: We fear the Grand Coalition scenario in Germany (CDU, CSU, Socialists working together) is slowly establishing its roots in Brussels. Once this is firmly established, the window of establishing a strong challenge from the right may be closed.

Sometimes, in order to win the battle, one must first defeat an opponent in its own ranks. In our opinion, the EPP (hostile to Salvini, PiS, FPO and even Orban himself) represents the main obstacle to establishing a strong and viable alternative from the right.

**** One can see what has been going on in Europe over the past several years. The EU superstate is growing, expanding and reaching for more powers, even with the left losing elections and in disarray.

The EPP has been the majority party with the most influence, yet look at the results. What have they done to downsize Brussels or to defend Europe? Why has Weber’s CSU in Germany been manhandled by their so-called “sister” Angela Merkel? How will Weber be any different than Juncker?

The status quo is no longer an option, but a surrender.
Salvini, Orban, PiS and FPO….If not now, then when?