Finland: A new PM who addresses her party colleagues as “comrades”.

Finland: A new PM who addresses her party colleagues as “comrades”.

Finland: A new PM who addresses her party colleagues as “comrades”.

She must be too young (34) to recall the horrors of communism.

But she is considered “mainstream” by the EU Establishment parties of EPP, Renew Europe and the Socialists.

– So what happens when an anti-mass migration and anti-EU True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) party tops the polls as the most popular in Finland, enjoying nearly a quarter of national support and a clear ten-point lead over the much smaller but governing Social Democrats?

The establishment parties of the Left elevate a far-left Social Democrat to be the next Prime Minister. It could be their last stand.

– Sanna Marin is “out there”, a red-green and liberal ideologue…she even addresses her party colleagues as “comrades”.

But the Eurocrats have a ‘red crush’ on her because she is a young, female feminist of the extreme Left, as if this alone qualifies one to be a PM. No wonder the EU is melting down.

– Marin’s Social Democrats grabbed headlines last month after one of its politicians was discovered to have faked a racist incident, claiming he had been told to “go back to Somalia”. He subsequently claimed that while he had indeed lied and created the hoax, it was only because he was “angry” and wanted to reflect on something “real” in society.

* The left has a hard time dealing with reality, especially in regards to the “new arrivals”. With its support falling across Europe, the Socialists (there is a more accurate term but FB thought police are out there) will face “something real” sooner or later; eventually, the Finns, VOX and others on the right will break the government monopolies enslaving Europe.

But this also requires legitimate centre-right parties, not pretenders just looking to get their ‘hands into the cookie jar’.

Hopefully, unlike Sweden, it will not be too late to reverse the damage in Finland.