Finland Elections: Another dose of realty for Brussels.

Finland Elections: Another dose of realty for Brussels.

V4 Report’s initial reaction at Twitter on Sunday:

Another dose of reality for Brussels in Finland. The Finns Party – euroskeptic and anti-immigration – wins 39 seats in 200-seat legislature, only one fewer than the Social Democratic Party which received the most votes.

The Finns leader showed up at Matteo Salvini’s party…then his party promptly delivered, more than doubling its seats.

Finns Party chairman Jussi Halla-aho also received the most votes by far of any candidate who ran for the Eduskunta legislature. Finnish media are suggesting that this could put him in the role of kingmaker in the next government.

An elated Halla-aho called it a “day of joy” and said: “I certainly could never have expected a result like this. Honestly speaking, none of us expected this kind of result.”

The establishment parties may find a way to blackball the Finns for now, but these new parties of the right are changing the debate across Europe. Like the League of Italy and the FPO of Austria, they will eventually break through.