Finland in shock after 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped and abused by violent migrants.

Finland in shock after 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped and abused by violent migrants.

Finland in shock after 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped and abused by violent migrants.

Authorities in Oulu announced this week that a total of 10 migrants were arrested in connection with sexual abuse and violence carried out against three children under the age of 15.

All of the men taken into custody either entered the country as asylum seekers or were welcomed to Finland under refugee quota schemes, according to a press release from the Oulu Police Department.

* While other countries are now scrambling for ways to combat criminal migrants already on their streets, the Visegrad Group has once again proved that the best defense is to deny entry from the start.

For once flooded with migrants, it may already be too late to reverse the damage. The leaders of Finland exposed these young girls the minute they embraced Angela Merkel’s ‘EU Solidarity’.

** Finland accepted large numbers of third world migrants under not only the EU’s migrant quota scheme, but also through a UN “transfer” programme. (Beware of the UN).

Finland also announced last year that it would transfer 750 migrants into the country directly from Africa and the Middle East under a programme heavily pushed by the European Commission.

They will have to withdraw from this latest EU redistribution scheme.

– Eight of the ten men (one still at large) have been accused of repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl in their apartments over a period of several months, and of subjecting the child to beatings and violence after she was groomed on social media.

Kai Mykkänen, the Minister of the Interior, recommended the country crack down on migrants accused of serious crimes after it emerged that a number of the suspects had been granted citizenship.

“Things like these shouldn’t be happening in Finland,” he said, speaking on YLE’s A-Studio earlier this week, as it reported figures revealing foreign nationals were heavily overrepresented in the country’s rape cases.

“There are, of course, some Finnish people who commit terrible rapes … But the fact is that foreigners are much more likely [to be] suspects and this must not be brushed under the carpet,” he told the public broadcaster.

*** Finland should punish these migrant gangs, but this cannot repair the damage that was inflicted upon these devastated girls.

Finland and others must not wait to act until a crime is committed; instead, they must protect the well-being of its citizens by withdrawing from any future EU migrant scheme and implementing a permanent mechanism to deport the migrants outside of Europe.

Seal and Deport is the only solution.

Since Macron and Brussels will not defend Europe, others will have to take the necessary steps to defend themselves.