Finland: Parliament postpones EU recovery fund vote

Finland:  Parliament postpones EU recovery fund vote

Finland: Parliament postpones EU recovery fund vote.

The body did not have enough votes (yet) to reach a two-thirds majority. It requires unanimous approval from all 26 EU plebe states plus almighty Germany.

The V4 Report would like to see this Next Generation scheme killed, believing it sets a dangerous precedent for the future and is another step towards a federal EU.

The “one-off” EU slogan is pure rubbish.

Of course, France and Germany would never admit this publicly (this is how both work) but there are always enthusiastic Eurocrats who cannot hide their glee and let the cat out of the bag.

– EU Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis and EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni told the EU Parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee on Monday that the recovery fund would not be a one-off measure, Reuters reported.
“The more successful we are in the implementation of this facility the more scope there will be for discussions on having a permanent instrument, probably of a similar nature,” Dombrovskis said.

They later tried to deny it after the uproar, but to be frank, all know this is not a “one-off” measure…it never is with the EU, which just keeps expanding its scope and power, even with the approval of some who claim to want less Brussels and more sovereignty for the nation-states.

We hold no illusions though…in the end, there will be heavy pressure put on Finland regarding the usual pleas of EU solidarity, and enough back door concessions to provide reluctant politicians with a political alibi at home to vote for the package.
Angela Merkel may even have made one last appearance to ‘save the day. 🤨

Years from now, one may ask who could have stopped this dependency on Brussels and drive towards a federal EU? Brussels, after all, cannot do this alone or without being enabled by the elected leaders of the nation-states.

At some point, for those who value the sovereignty of the European nation-state, one has to say no to “more EU”.

Any hands?