Foreigner circulating a sniper rifle in Athens

Foreigner circulating a sniper rifle in Athens

EU Solidarity 🇪🇺🤸: Greece discovers a ‘sniper’ among the new arrivals just “looking for a better life”.
A foreigner was circulating in Athens with a sniper rifle. That must be a comforting prospect for Greeks.
Of course, he had no identification papers, so he probably is an “unaccompanied minor”.
🎭 🤨
He deserves his own apartment with maid service; he should call Germany for help.

– The Athens Police Department located a person carrying a black bag and moving suspiciously.
As soon as the suspect noticed the presence of the police, he threw the bag and tried to run away. The police chased him and managed to arrest him.

When they opened the bag they found themselves in front of an unusual image: In front of their eyes was a “Lee Enfield” sniper rifle with a caliber of 7.62 mm…which already had the shooting goggles!
They also found a magazine, two cartridges (one on top of the suspect), 9 calipers, a pair of gloves and a aiming bipod!
Complete…sniper equipment!

After the arrest, the person was transferred to the Athens Security Sub-Directorate while a check is being carried out for his identification as he did not have any documents on him and he constantly states a different name.
Does he constantly state a different name?

What the hell is happening in Greece?
Don’t worry though, Ylva from Sweden has your back. She is offering an EU flow chart regarding voluntary departures complete with vocational training back home.