Former Milan School Turned Migrant ‘Hotel’ Becomes Crime Hotspot

Former Milan School Turned Migrant ‘Hotel’ Becomes Crime Hotspot

Grotesque is right: A former Milan school occupied by illegals morphs into a slum of crime and drug abuse, according to a member of Salvini’s League party. How did Italy become an EU migrant center?

“Unfortunately, these are the results of [the Italian Democratic Party’s] unrestrained reception policies: undocumented stragglers, ghosts in the Italian State, who commit repeated crimes while institutions remain silent,” MEP Silvia Sardone said.

“The matter is getting grotesque,” Sardone told newspaper Il Giornale and questioned why the current leftist mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, had not done anything about the rising levels of crime.

Italian television presenter Vittorio Brumotti has exposed many similar drug-dealing neighborhoods on the satirical program Striscia la Notizia and has been physically attacked several times by migrant drug dealers.

We question why the government is still granting entry at all and why the EU continues to encourage this invasion by implementing relocation schemes instead of mass deportation operations.

Correction…the EU will not change and it has been openly facilitating mass migration for years. The bigger question is why the nation-states still feel the need to belong to this multicult project? How has Italy benefited from the euro and the EU’s open-border manifesto?

Some claim that Italy needs the EU to help it with migration. We vehemently disagree and feel the directives from the EU and Council of Europe have only handcuffed Italy (and other member states) from doing what is necessary to defend its borders (pushbacks, denying entry like Australia). Until Salvini kicked them out, Germany’s Frontex, then led by Ursula von der Leyen, was ‘helping’ Italy by ‘rescuing’ illegals in the Med.

With the exception of Germany, Brussels has different goals than the European nation-states, which creates a huge problem when directives come from Eurocrats. Nation-States will always be more effective at solving migration if they are free to develop their own methods to secure the border, simply because they have more at stake than the unelected clerks of Brussels or COE.

The EU is an obstacle.

There is no migrant crisis in Hungary because Orban took the necessary “preventive action” to control events, instead of allowing the actions of others to control them. Hungary took matters into their own hands and acted in the best interests of their people, instead of consulting with Brussels…and all Europeans have benefited from their resolve and strength – including Germany and Greece.

The problem itself is EU solidarity, given the reality that there was never any solidarity for mass migration, open borders, and multiculturalism. The EU has been a terrible influence on Europe.

The sky will not fall without the EU project. What even is the purpose of the EU Parliament, besides self-promotion and giving a false impression that it actually represents the people.