France and Germany.

France and Germany.

France and Germany.

In the past, this treaty or ceremony between France and Germany may have garnered more serious attention. Today, however, it appears that all Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have left are ‘delusions of grandeur’.

* The V4 Report never bought into the EU fantasies of Emmanuel Macron, who is not a natural leader and does not possess the ingredients to command respect across Europe.

Despite the media’s attempts, respect is not something one can be crowned with…it must be earned.

Macron may be a terrific banker, but he does not have what it takes to lead Europe. His cheerleaders in Brussels will be disappointed but the Macron Era appears over before it even started.

** As for Angela Merkel, she has been permanently damaged over her handling of the migrant crisis and her refusal to admit her mistakes. Europe no longer waits for her or takes her proposed reforms seriously. Many no longer believe in her and have already moved on.

Whatever France and Germany once were, the sun is setting on their era as new forces emerge across Europe to challenge their influence. It is a new day.

– As Jonathan Miller eloquently writes: These are not two mighty leaders, carving up Europe, but two weak leaders with tenuous authority at home attempting to preside over a union as divided as it has been in many years. The Europe they seek to dominate is fractious.

Posturing with his German and European friends in grand settings, Macron is unable to go out on the street. His most recent outings have resulted in PR disasters in which he has insulted voters, and since the gilets have been active, he dares not appear in public at all.

In France, Macron is strongly supported by only five percent of voters, with another 20 per cent reasonably favourable, and more than 70 percent opposed.

Merkel is also a diminished figure; Germany an unsettled nation. The political fault lines are deep in both countries with resurgent oppositions. Both economies are stressed, France more than Germany’s.

* The V4 Report’s question….Who will be the first to step down? Regardless, it appears Viktor Orban will outlast them all.…/the-weakness-behind-macron…/