France ‘rescues’ 72 illegals in Channel on way to UK

France ‘rescues’ 72 illegals in Channel on way to UK

Is France not a safe country?

– France ‘rescues’ 72 illegals in Channel on way to the UK.

France can do more to stop the illegals from continuing their “journey”.

But what incentive do they really have?

The UK will need to pick up the efforts to deport these illegals directly back to their countries. Somehow, we believe the French will not be cooperating with returns.
Exiting the Council of Europe and its European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) would be a big step towards this goal. There are too many handcuffs that prevent countries from deporting illegals by any means necessary.

Why? A sovereign country must have the right to deport illegals they don’t want and did not invite.

The illegals may believe that it is harder now to be deported back to France. In 2020 alone, there were some 9,500 crossings or attempted crossings, according to the French coastguard, which is more than four times than in the year before.
What is the next step for the UK regarding this issue with France and deporting illegals in large numbers?